Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cant go to work - am so bored

It's been 3 weeks since my appendix was removed, but since the Hospital was vague with their "4-6 weeks of nothing strenuous", my work won't let me back onsite for another 3 weeks... unless I get a doctor to say it is okay to come back earlier. (because it wasn't a work related injury, and they can't risk me inflaming the injury while at work and then claim that as a work related injury)
I really don't want to be off for another 3 weeks, draining all my Leave Hours... as I was looking to travel to Asia later this year (having an early BotCon gave more time to plan a trip, save up for it, and get time off work before the pre-Christmas busy period). But I may have to put that off until next year and hope BotCon isn't too late, or too expensive for me.

Most people go to a doctor to convince them to get time off work... I actually had to convince a doctor to let me go BACK to work.
So I gotta stay home for the next week and rest as much as possible, to make sure nothing happens to prevent returning to work then.  Which is sooooo boring.

Been working on my BotCon adventure/journal though.  I should have that finished in the next day or two, and then maybe start reading some books I've been sitting on for a couple years.

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