Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day-trip to Hollywood Universal Studios from Brisbane

Remember this post from a few weeks ago, about my planned day-trip to America, just for the Universal Studios Transformers Ride?
Well, on Tuesday 11th of September, I did it.

Unfortunately I didn't end up getting to work on the Thursday as planned... I set my alarm, but must have forgotten to turn it on.

I've done up a review of my trip here - I was going to post it here, but it ended up being so long, it was more practical doing it as a separate page. (it took longer to do, than the actual trip)

It has about 180 photos, and is split up over two pages to make it quicker to view.

And the hinted Singapore trip has now been booked, but won't be just a day like this American one was.  I've never been to Singapore before, so am not familiar with it enough to just fly in and out.
The original plan was to go for three nights, to give me enough time to do the Themepark, do toy shopping, and have a little look around... but having since asked another Transformers fan if they would be interested in joining me, he agreed, and so I extended the plan to 5 nights just to be more "worth it".
It's sometime before Christmas, but I won't mention when until after I come back... in case something happens, preventing me from going.

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