Sunday, 19 August 2012

Doritos Fuzed Corn Chips

Doritos had mastered the "two flavours in one pack" concept in America, but it was the Australian CCs that managed to get a product to shelves here first, with their "2 flavour Smash".

Unfortunately, that product didn't see wide release here, and despite being the best flavour CCs ever had, it was cancelled about 2 months ago, and is no longer available.

Now, American-owned Smiths/Lays have taken the opportunity to get their version out here, with a "Fuzed" branding.

The two flavours chosen are Sweet Chilli and Lime Chilli.
Not the most creative pairing, as they are both spicy flavours.  The only thing differentiating them is one is noticeably sweet, and the other is noticeably sour/bitter.
It was actually rather boring, and since the CCs version (with a better contrast of Sweet Chilli and Tasty Cheese) was a much more interesting and tasty combination, I can't see this lasting very long.
The whole point of two flavours in a pack is to have two different flavours that create a third flavour when combined. This Doritos pair didn't do that, as the Lime Chilli was the dominant flavour.
If anything, the packaging artwork was more exciting than the chips inside.

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