Sunday, 19 August 2012

First August items

The first weekend of August had my SDCC Transformers arrive in the mail (from two different sources), costing me twice what they were priced at at the SDCC. But the longer I waited, the more expensive they'd get, as seen with some of last years figures.
I also got another shipment, with a couple of the Series 2 Kre-O sets and two of the three Marvel Avengers Transformers.

Marvel Avengers Ironman - a more metallic finish compared to earlier versions.
Marvel Avengers Thor - a better colour scheme to the earlier one, with no bright yellow this time.
Kreo Destruction Site Devastator
Kreo Stealth Bumblebee
SDCC Bruticus, Cliffjumper, HISS Tank

I had to take a couple photos with Cliffjumper out, to show the sheer size of the boxes for the SDCC figures.

Some comparison pics...
GIJoe set with the one from last year.

 SDCC Terrorcon Cliffjumper

Below is with the exclusive Dark Energon shards - the big one in his hand, and the little one in his chest.
I had to look at the official pics to work it out, but the small dark energon shard has two hooks on the top, that hook onto the top of the chest... but in doing so, close up the chest halves.
A trade off I guess.

The Fall of Cybertron Bruticus/Combaticons.

Combined, next to Gen1 Bruticus.
 As you can see, the FOC Bruticus has a bit of a Popeye look happening, with over-sized limbs. This was because the core figure was the same size as the limb figures, but none of the limb figures added to the bulk of the abdomen (to reduce the size of the limbs, and add a greater proportion to the abdomen).
 The upper legs and even the waist should have been formed from the two "leg" figures, while the shoulders and maybe some of the upper torso should have been formed from the two "arm" figures.

 With the various WFC/FOC toys...

 The toys that you could see in WFC...

 And the toys so far released that are in FOC game...

 Plus a battle scene...

The Marvel Avengers Thor (new one on the left, old one has the yellow, which looked really bad in vehicle mode.

And Ironman, which has a fancy new paintjob (compared to the previous 3 versions of that mould).

 But it wasn't all good, as the foot on mine was missing a pin. The foot was attached, but when moved it just slipped right off.

 The two Kre-O sets...

When I get all 7 sets, I'll build the robot modes. I just want to have a group shot of all the vehicle modes first. (they'll be on display in robot mode, so this is probably the only time I'll have them in vehicle mode)

If you get the Bumblebee set, sand down the wrist of the Kreon, because it is just a little too big to fit in the translucent "gun barrel", cracking it when you force it in. If it wasn't translucent plastic, it may have been more stretchable, but that plastic is just too brittle.
And the rope for Hightower is way too short.

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