Saturday, 2 January 2016

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 35

Today begins the final five Display Cases of the collection, with Display Case 35, containing fan-favourite Masterpiece toys, both Japanese and Hasbro, from 2003 to 2015.
As much as I love collecting these toys, they have been getting very expensive in recent years, especially the limited edition figures, resulting in me having to skip a number of the ones I wanted because they just aren't worth the price.

Top of case - HK Masterpiece Specials (2014-2015), Loyal Subjects = 2

HK Masterpiece - MP-08X comic Grimlock (reissue) with throne
HK Masterpiece - MP-5G Gold Megatron

HK Bonus items - Vector Sigma, mini Reflector

Loyal Subjects - Optimus Prime (electronic)

Shelf 1 - Takara Masterpiece, Hasbro Anniversary (2003-2005) = 6

JP MP-1 - Convoy (Optimus Prime)
JP MP-2 - Ultra Magnus
JP MP-3 - Starscream (green)
JP MP-4 - Convoy with Trailer
US Anniversary Optimus Prime
JP MP1B - Convoy Black version

Shelf 2 - Takara Masterpiece, Hasbro Anniversary (2005-2010) = 5

JP MP-5 - Megatron
JP MP-6 - Skywarp
JP MP-7 - Thundercracker
US Movie/DVD Anniversary Optimus Prime
JP 2010 MP-4S Sleep Convoy

Shelf 3 - Takara Masterpiece, Hasbro Masterpiece (2007-2011) = 6

US Anniversary/Masterpiece Starscream
JP MP-8 - Grimlock (with helmet)
US Masterpiece Grimlock (with crown)
JP 2010 MP-9 - Rodimus Convoy
US Masterpiece Rodimus Prime (w/ Offshoot)
JP MP-3G - Ghost Starscream

Shelf 4 - Takara Masterpiece Autobots (2012-2015) = 17

JP MP-10 Convoy (w/ Trailer)
JP MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe)
JP MP-14 Alert (Red Alert)
JP MP-12T Tigertrack
JP MP-17 Prowl
JP MP-18 Streak (Bluestreak)
JP MP-19 Smokescreen
JP MP-12G Lambor G2 version
JP MP-18S Silverstreak
JP MP-20 Wheeljack
JP MP-21 Bumble (Bumblebee) & Spike
JP MP-22 Ultra Magnus (with Spike & Daniel)
JP MP-18B Bluestreak
JP MP-21G Bumble (Bumblebee) Gold/G2 Version
JP MP-25 Tracks (with Roaul & Blaster)
JP MP-26 Road Rage (with Twincast)

Shelf 5 - Takara Masterpiece Decepticons (2011-2015) = 13

JP MP-9B - Ehobby black Rodimus Convoy
JP MP-11 Starscream
JP MP-11S Sunstorm
JP MP-13 Soundwave & Condor (Laserbeak)
JP MP-15 Rumble & Jaguar (Ravage)
JP MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw
JP MP-10B Black Convoy
JP MP-13B Soundblaster & Ratbat
JP MP-23 Exhaust

Shelf 6 - Hasbro Masterpiece (2011-2014), Takara Masterpiece (2014) = 6

US MP Optimus Prime (w/ Trailer)
US MP Skywarp
US MP Thundercracker
US MP-01 Acid Storm
US MP-05 Sunstorm
JP MP-24 Star Saber


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