Sunday, 3 January 2016

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 36

With only four Display Cases left, today we have Display Case 36, containing TF4 Movie Platinum Editions, TF4 Japanese, 2014 Hasbro specials, 2014 Japanese, 2015 RID Kre-O, 2014 Angry Birds Transformers, and 2015 SDCC.

Top of display case - packaging = 0

Shelf 1 - TF4 Age of Extinction Platinum Editions (2014) = 19

Voyager 2-pack - Optimus Prime, Grimlock.
Breakout Battle - Scrapyard Optimus Prime, Vehicon, Rollbar.
Trailer pack - First Edition Optimus w/ Trailer, Sideswipe.
Leader 2-pack - Optimus Prime, Grimlock.
Autobots United - Optimus Prime, Hound, Drift, Bumblebee, Crosshairs.
Dinobots Unleashed - Grimlock, Slog, Slug, Scorn, Strafe.

Shelf 2 - TF4 Lost Age Japanese Editions (2014) = 23

Lost Age Advanced -
AD-08 - Battle Blade Bumblebee, AD-09 - Protoform Optimus Prime, AD-10 - Starscream, AD-11 - Dispensor, AD-12 - Revenge Optimus Prime, AD-14 - Jolt, AD-15 - Ratchet, AD-16 Autobot Dino, AD-17 Dark Side Soundwave, AD-20 Black Knight Grimlock, AD-31 Armor Knight Optimus Prime, AD-32 Stinger.

Lost Age Gimmick -
LA-01 Battle Command Optimus Prime, LA-02 Big Grimlock (Flip & Change), LA-04 Grimlock (One-Step), LA-13 Battle Attack Nemesis Prime (Power Battler).

Exclusives -
Rusty Optimus (TRU), Wheeljack (Aeon), Black Knight Slug, Black Knight Scorn, Black Knight Strafe, Nemesis Prime (Winter Festival), Army Camo Hound (Amazon JP)

Shelf 3 - Hasbro Specials (2014-2015) = 26

Protectobots - Hotshot, Blades, Streetsmart, First Aid, Groove
SDCC 2014 Dinobots 4-pack - Grimlock, Slug, Strafe, Snarl (Gen1 deco)
SDCC 2014 - Knights of Unicron - Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave w/ Laserbeak, Jazz w/ Ratbat.
Amazon 2014 - Voyager Slog (Gen1 deco)
YOTG 2015 - Optimus Prime, Soundwave w/ Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak.
SDCC 2015 Hunter 3-pack - Arcee, Chromia, Windblade

Shelf 4 - Japanese & Exclusives (2014-2015) = 46

Sega Megadrive Megatron
Playstation Optimus
Million Publishing Go-Shooter & Shuta
Million Publishing Shouki & Daniel
TFC-A02 Cloud Brawn
TFC-D03 Cloud Shockwave

Licensed (not applicable to count) -
Sentinel Optimus Pen
Fewture Alpha Trion
JP Bearbrick Starscream

Q-Transformers (2014-2015) -
QT-01 Movie Optimus Prime, QT-02 Movie Bumblebee, QT-03 Movie Lockdown, QT-04 Movie Crosshairs.
QT-05 Gen1 Lambor, QT-06 Gen1 Prowl, QT-07 Gen1 Hot Rodimus, QT-08 Gen1/ALT Bumble.
QT-09 ALT Optimus Prime, QT-10 Gen1 Wheeljack.
QT-11 Gen1 Jazz, QT-12 Gen1 Sunstreaker, QT-13 Gen1 Red Alert, QT-14 Gen1 Smokescreen.
QT-15 Gen1 Hound, QT-16 Binaltech Bluestreak.
QT-18 Movie Nemesis Prime, QT-19 Gen1 Convoy, QT-20 Gen1 Megatron (grey Lamborghini Neno)
QT-21 Skids, QT-22 Drift
QT-23 Movie Optimus Prime (cartoon colour), QT-24 Movie Bumblebee (cartoon colour), QT-25 Movie Lockdown (cartoon colour)
QT-26 Gen1 Shockwave, QT-27 Gen1 Soundwave, QT-28 Gen1 Cliff
QT-29 Gen1 Starscream, QT-30 Gen1 Skywarp, QT-31 Gen1 Thundercracker
QT-17 Gen1 Tracks

Q-Transformers Crossovers (2015)
QTC02 Evangelion Three Pack (Eva-0/yellow, Eva-1/purple, Eva-2/red)
QTC01H Hello Kitty Halloween Edition
QTC03 Paper Rabbit Rope, QTC04 Akira Senpai, QTC05 Snoopy

Shelf 5 - Kre-O Robots in Disguise & Gen1 (2015) = 37

Kreo RID custom - Optimus Prime, Steeljaw, Bumblebee, Grimlock.
Kreo RID Build Set - Sideswipe Roadway Rundown (Sideswipe car w/ 2 Kreons - Sideswipe, Hammerstrike)
Kreo RID Build Set - Strongarm Capture Cruiser (Strongarm car w/ 2 Kreons - Strongarm, Springload)
Kreo RID Build Set - Bumblebee Disc Demolisher (Bumblebee car w/ 3 Kreons - Bumblebee, Bisk, Clampdown)
Kreo RID Build Set - Underbite Jet Pack Takedown (Underbite beast w/ 3 Kreons - Optimus, Underbite, Ped)
Kreo RID Build Set - Optimus Prime Beast Blaster (Optimus truck w/ 4 Kreons - Optimus, Fracture, Airazor, Divebomb)

Kreo Gen1 Battle Changers - Bumblebee, Grimlock, Optimus, Starscream, Shockwave, Hound.
Kreo Gen1 Battle Changers Vs Pack - Optimus & Trailer Vs Megatron, Ratchet Vs Soundwave (with Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak)

Shelf 6 - SDCC 2015 Devastator, Hasbro Transformers Angry Birds (2014-2015) = 22

SDCC Devastator - Scrapper, Hook, Scavenger, Bonecrusher, Longhaul, Mixmaster.

Angry Birds
Telepods -
Single packs - Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Lockdown, Galvatron, Soundwave, Heatwave
2-packs - Ultra Magnus vs Soundblaster, Sentinel Prime vs Bludgeon

Tracksets/Launcher sets -
Optimus Race-track (w/ Optimus Prime & Megatron)
Bumblebee Bird Blast (Giant convertible Bumblebee Bird w/ High Octane Bumblebee Bird & Goldbite Grimlock Bird)
(missing quite a few of these - they had a very limited release)


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