Thursday, 16 February 2012

Domino's Chicken Ribs - FAIL

This WAS going to be a review to hopefully recommend this new Dominos item, but instead, I've ended up recommending avoiding them instead.

In the last week or so I've been seeing a lot of commercials on TV for Domino's new "Chicken Ribs".  They are small pieces of chicken (possibly a segment of the wing, or shoulderblade), soaked in some sort of flavouring.
I wanted to see how they compared to KFC's recent (failed) effort with their spicy wings, so last weekend I tried to get some.

Saturday afternoon, I got ready to drive to the nearest Dominos for a dinner of pizza and chicken... but lucky I thought to look on their website for an idea of the price, because I would have been really annoyed if I hadn't.
Because the website told me that the Chicken was only available between 11am to 4pm.  That's right - the commercial that features most at nights, is not even available at night.
Since it was already past 4pm on Saturday, I had missed out that day.  Big Failure on their part in terms of availability.

Sunday lunch-time, I was still wanting to try these out, but had lost the motivation to drive off and wait around just to get some. So I went back to the website to look at getting something delivered.
I certainly wasn't going to just have the Chicken delivered on its own, so I decided to get a couple pizzas as well. I couldn't find any discount vouchers for Dominos, as they used to have them everywhere in the past. I certainly wasn't going to pay full-price for their "anemic" pizzas (deep-dish is almost as thin as classic crust now, and so few toppings, you see more base than toppings), so imagine my surprise that the prices delivered (before delivery fee) were more than the pickup prices. $10 for the cheapest pizza with 1-3 toppings, compared to $5-9 pickup (depending on the day).
After spending a couple minutes filling out all my details, I started by adding one of the cheapest pizzas into the "cart", which showed up as $20 (that includes the $10 delivery fee).  This was for a single topping pizza... for $20.  I added in a second one which had 2 toppings, and it was now $30.
And I hadn't clicked on the Chicken Ribs yet.
That would have brought up the total to $35... for two tiny, thin pizzas with minimal toppings & about 2 wings' worth of chicken. Another Big Failure on their part... for value this time.

I closed the browser window, turned off the computer and went to KFC for a much cheaper filling feed, to try out their new Streetwise Feast - 6 pieces of chicken, 3 strips, 6 nuggests, 2 large chips & 2 sauces... for $20.
Dominos pizzas are now too small and empty of toppings to fill me up anymore, but for almost half as much money, I was full before I was able to finish off the KFC meal.

Being so put off by these two failed attempts to sample their new item, I don't feel inspired enough to want to try them at all now.
Oh, and if you're in the mood for a pizza-franchise pizza, I recommend Pizza Capers (for their creative and full-of-toppings pizzas), or Eagle Boys (for their desert pizzas).
Now if only one of them could do a Chicago-style pizza... I'd be all over it.

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  1. Yes well we have all been let down by Dominos forever now!
    I think the worst must be cheaper Tuesday!
    Cheaper alright and when you get them only 1/2 the topping of any other day!
    I am just unfortunate to usually want Pizza on Tuesday because its convenient but have now opted for KFC on Tuedays.
    Better value for money any day!