Saturday, 25 February 2012

Final stuff for February

I'm not expecting to buy anything locally in the next five days, and don't have anything in transit, so this should be the last lot of February toys for me.

Another lot from BigBadToyStore. I ordered the first wave of Deluxe and Voyager TFPrime toys as soon as they announced their arrival, as they were less than half the price of what they are here... making it cheaper to import WITH shipping.
How bad is that.... from the toy companies not passing on the savings they are making from the exchange rate improving over the last 10 years.

So the first wave of Deluxe TFPrime toys are Soundwave (drone jet), Cliffjumper V2 (red car), Wheeljack (white car), Bumblebee V2 (yellow car).
The Voyagers are Megatron and Optimus Prime V2.

To the right of those are the third wave of the new small size Star Wars Crossovers, which are all just redecos with new heads.
And to the right of that is Ehobby Black Masterpiece Rodimus Prime, which was released last month in Japan. It's a very weird, bright-blue coloured, figure, that reminds me of Gen1 Darkwing. It's even rebranded as a Decepticon.  The tfwiki has it described as a character that was cloned from Rodimus Prime's insecurities... which doesn't make much sense.
I probably won't be transforming it though, as the original was a bit fragile, and I don't want to risk breaking something that I don't need to convert.

At the back is the latest issue of the Collector Club Magazine... and to say it is disappointing is an understatement. No toy info, pointless interviews, and a comic story that just sets the scene of the real story for the year.
More comments later, after I transform these (and the ones from the last lot).

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