Thursday, 16 February 2012

Next lot of February Transformers arrives

A couple weeks ago, as the odds of the later waves of DotM Toys being released here were shrinking to virtually zero, I had a look on ebay to see what prices I would need to pay to secure them from foreign sources.
Ones I was after included the Deluxe Soundwave, Deluxe Que/Wheeljack, Deluxe Leadfoot, and JP exclusive Neo-scanning Bumblebee.
Comparing prices of the 3 or 4 available options (the rarity of each was already driving up the prices), I found each, as well as the TFPrime Vehicon and United Wipe-Out toys that were also on my list.
One of the dealers had the two latest Disney Label Mickey Mouse toys as well, so I grouped that as well.

Today at the post office I picked up four boxes, from four different countries (Japan, Malaysia, HongKong, Taiwan).
(click on image for full size version)
From left - DotM Que (JP version as the Hasbro version has been cancelled since I purchased these), DotM Soundwave (Hasbro version, but only released in Taiwan it seems), DotM Leadfoot (JP version with no Target logo, as the Hasbro version with logo is now not going to happen), DotM Neo-Scanning Bumblebee (JP Exclusive - a brighter yellow than the regular Bbee), Disney Label Mickey Mouse (classic Mickey colour), Disney Label Mickey Mouse (Christmas colour), TFPrime Vehicon (JP First Edition, which is now not going to be released by Hasbro - completes my set of FE figures), Alternity Gold Bug (completes my set of released Alternity toys), United Wipe-Out & Windcharger (JP figures - I wanted Wipe-Out because it is an original series comic character, but was packed with Windcharger, which I already have from the Hasbro version).

I have only transformed the Vehicon and two United toys so far, so that I could have them all in vehicle mode, so will comment more on all of these later when I have more time (probably the weekend).

I did grab the other three Mickey toys and their packaging for a group shot to start with though...
From left - Optimus colours, mono-colour (or vintage Mickey colours), Halloween colours, Christmas colours, Classic Mickey Colours.

Now to decide if I want to get the JP "Nightwatch" Black & Chrome Jetwing Optimus... another big, expensive, limited edition version of a toy I haven't yet played with.

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