Monday 31 December 2012

Transformers Toys added to the collection during 2012

I did this for last year, detailing all the Transformers toys acquired during the 2011 calendar year, so figured I'd do it again for 2012... as a reflection of what I got this year, as well as catching up on things here (as I haven't been too motivated in the last four months).

I started the year with 3,465 Transformers toys in the collection, and ended up with 3,844.  A total of 379 for the year.
After a very slow start to the year, and one of the smallest BotCon hauls in 8 years, I was surprised to find that this year just managed to sneak into third-highest annual amount, behind 2008 (479 toys) and 2011 (454 toys)... beating 2010 by just 1.
No milestones this year to mention... but I should make the 4,000 mark by midway next year. 

The year started off with chasing up loose ends from the Third Transformers Movie toyline, which were either not released here (stores over-stocked first wave in May 2011, with almost no new stock coming into the country for the rest of the year in that series.  Of the toys that did make it here, they were so over-priced, it was cheaper buying from American or Asian sources and having them Express posted. (thanks to anti-parallel-importing laws in this country, the foreign-owned toy companies charge more than twice what they charge in some other countries - as such, less than 10% of my purchases this year were at Australian stores)
This was my first shipment of the year, from Ebay.
Gen Sky Shadow, Junkheap
DotM Darksteel, Air Raid, Armor Topspin, Rescue Ratchet, Leg Soundwave, Speedstars Leadfoot
United Jazz, Tracks  (these have the better, shiny decos)
Junior 3-pack (Chromedome, optimus, fortmax) - this was a loose end from about 15 years ago.  It was released in the mid 80s in Japan, but when I first found out about it in the mid 90s, I wanted it. But since it was so cheap (often selling for little more than $20), I never got around to buying it. Then in recent years, it was difficult to find one for less than $200. 

The items in the top right of the photo were freebies by the person I bought most of these items from.

This was my first order from the Hasbro America online store - it doesn't ship to non-American addresses, so I had to use a shipping forwarder.
NYCC Prime Bee & Arcee, Bee deco Nerf, TF Cuponk   
DotM Voy orange Ironhide
Rescue Bots Boulder, Cleveland, Cody 


Disney Label Donald (Halloween colours)
EZ Chronicle series 2 (Gen2 Optimus, Gen2 Megatron, Silverstreak, Prowl, Hound, Starscream, Skywarp, Rodimus)
DotM Dragon Ultimate Optimus
United Stepper

Disney Label Mickey (Mickey colours)
Disney Label Mickey (Christmas colours)
JP DotM Neo-scanning Bumblebee
Alternity Gold Bug
DotM DLX Soundwave
JP wheeljack/que, Leadfoot
United Windcharger & Wipeout
JP TFPrime Vehicon

TFPrime DLX W1 (Bumblebee V2, Wheeljack, Soundwave, Cliffjumper V2)
TFPrime Voy W1 (Optimus Prime V2, Megatron)
JP Black MP Rodimus Prime
SWTF Class 1 W3 (Y-wing, Anakin, OB1)


CC Drift, CC Over-Run/Runabout

TFPrime Legion Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, Vehicon


RPMs MV 2-pack 06 of 06: Enforcer Ironhide (red) vs Mixmaster (white)
TFPrime Cmdr w1 (Optimus, Megatron, Bulkhead, Starscream)
TFprime 2-pack Bbee Vs Starscream, with Silas, MECH soldier.

Trilogy Optimus w/ Trailer
BotShots Wave 1 single-packs (Bumblebee, Barricade, Optimus, Starscream, Chase Sentinel + 7 spares)
Botshots launcher Optimus, Megatron

BOTCON (in Dallas, Texas this year)
Wed 25/4
DotM Cmdr Dark Sentinel
(TFPrime electronic Mission Mask)
BC Soundwave, Gigatron, Roadrage, Ultramagnus, Metalhawk, Treadshot, Straxus
Thu 26/4
BC Kickoff, Optimus, Octopunch, Spinister, Wreckgar, Junkheap, Scrapheap
Fri 27/4
TFPrime Ratchet, Arcee, JP Skywarp w/ Bulo
JP United Wheeljack
JP Micron/Targetmaster (??), (??)
JP Kero Starscream
JP Movie translucent EZ Optimus, Nemesis Prime
JP WST Bumblebee (carded varient)
(JP Movie Swords for Optimus)
SCF 9 - Chase Seibertronian Ratchet (Red Alert)
Device Label Cheetus/Cheetor
SDCC GIJoe Starscream
Sun 29/4
Kabaya WFC Optimus, Hotspot, Deathsaurus, (Protectobots - x6)


BotShots 3-pack (Bbee, Prowl, Sentinel)
BotShots 3-pack (Megatron, Nemesis Prime, Acidstorm)
BotShots Wave 2 (Mirage, Brawl, jetfire, chase bbee)
JP United Axalon & Gen2 Megatron

CC Runamuck


MP11 Starscream
Device label Soundwave (white)
JP GF Dark Nitro Convoy

 RPMs Remote Control (NEST) Bumblebee (big)
DotM Capsule figurines (6 of 12)

JP terrorcon cliffjumper w/??
Shadow Microns (Shadow Ciel/ Shadow Arue / Shadow Gora /Shadow Baro)
Jetwing Optimus Nightwatch version
3x BotCon prints
JP Gen1 Kabaya models (Convoy, Sideswipe, Prowl, Starscream - the bright coloured things at the front, released in the mid 80s)

Camaro (yellow Windcharger - Argentina)
Carrera (green cliffjumper - Argentina)
Radio AM Robot (blue version)
(Robot Heroes Ironhide v Dispensor)
TFPrime Weaponizer Optimus, Bumblebee

TFPrime Vehicles - Wheeljack/Starhammer, Knock Out/Energon Driller
TFPrime Remote Control - Bumblebee, Optimus

(TF1 Robot Fighters game - not counted in the collection)

Activator Ironhide
Tokyo Toy Show United Optimus, Crystal TFP Optimus, Shining B2 Micron
Capsule Microns W1 (OPtimus, Bbee, Cobra x2, Gecko x2)


DotM Capsule figurines (4 of 12)
Playskool Big Adventures/Gobots (the Optimus and Megatron in the middle, and the Ratchet toy on the far right were just there for scale)
- - Series 1 (2002) (5)
-Basic - Cheetor (cheetah), Gorillabot (gorilla), Mototron (sportscar), Speedbot (sportscar)
-Mega - Aerobot (jet)
- - Series 2 (2003) (6)
-Basic - Beast-Bot II (panther), Buzzer-Bot (wasp), Dino-Bot (Velociraptor), Reptron (Velociraptor), Fire-Bot (fire chief car)
-Deluxe - Mirage-Bot (Formula 1 racer) w/ Kid-Bot & Doggie


TFPrime FE Bumblebee Blaster
TFPrime Cmdr Ironhide

This was my first order from Amazon America, which started shipping to Australia on a number of items... The shipping was so cheap, it was less than if I had posted it to somewhere in Australia.

TFPrime Cmdr Ultra Magnus, Nightwatch Optimus,D readwing
Rescue Bots Police HQ  
TFPrime DLX Hot Shot, Knock Out, 
Dead End, Shadow Strike Bumblebee  
TFPrime VOY Bulkhead V2, Starscream 
TFPrime Optimus Maximus  

Soundblaster, Enemy & Wingthing
Twincast, Stripes & Nightstalker
Generations DeluxeTF1 Ultimate Guide
HK Gen Legends - Motorbreath, Thundercracker, Bluestreak, Hoist
FOC Gen - Optimus, Jazz, Shockwave
Kissplay Convoy
JP AM Breakdown


Marvel Avengers Ironman, Thor  
Kreo Destruction Site Devastator (1)
Kreo Stealth Bumblebee  
SDCC Bruticus, Cliffjumper, HISS Tank

More Stuff from Amazon, at rediculously cheap prices. (including several comics, and squishy balls)
Kreo Battle for Energon (Op Vs Meg) (1)
Kreo Street Showdown (Wheeljack Vs Knockout) (1)
Kreo Rotor Rage (Vortex)

JP Translucent Dual Model Kit Optimus
Kreo preview wave (Spinister, Galvatron, Sunstorm, Crankcase, Scorponok, Waspinator)

(Fall of Cybertron Game + pre-order poster)


Speed Stars 03 of 06: Optimus Prime (red windscreen) vs. Bonecrusher (green)
Asia Generations Springer, Wheelie, Swerve, Cliffjumper
JP Arms Microns AMW1-6
JP AM Terrorcon Bumblebee
Gari-Kun Robo Cola, Soda
Device Label Tigatron

 (Fall of Cybertron Game promo materials - from EB Games Sunnybank)

 From my Trip to Universal Studios in California.

Universal Studios DLX Evac, Bbee, Optimus, Leg Evac
Universal Studios Bazooka, Bumblebee Fazer

Kreo Autobot Assault Devastator & Ironhide (1)
TFPrime Leg Wheeljack
BotShots Wave 4 (Ironhide, Powerglide, Jazz, Movie Leadfoot)
BotShots Wave 5 (TF2 Megatron, G1 Bumblebee)
BotShots Launcher Ironhide, Starscream
Robo Fighter Nightwatch Optimus, Elite Guard Bumblebee
TFPrime RC Knock Out
BotShots 3-packs Wave 2 (Shockwave, Brawl, Ironhide) (Jetfire, Powerglide, Skyquake)
Rescue Bots Mobile Headquarters

(non-toy merchandise from Universal Studios)

More toys from Hasbro Online store.
JP Micron red Optimus
Kreo Decepticon Ambush (Cliffjumper/Vehicons) (1)
Kreo Cycle Chase (Barricade/Autobot Troopers) (1)
Botshots 4-pack Battle Pack (Bumblebee, Brawl, Optimus Launcher, Megatron Launcher)
(Unit-E comic)
Marvel Avengers Captain America
BotShots Wave 3 (Lockdown, Mirage, Topspin, Jetfire, clear Megatron)

Gari-Kun Robo Grape


Kabaya Fort Max (incl Powerglide & Windcharger - but counts as just one)
MP Sunstorm
JP AM Swerve, Ironhide
JP AMW 7,8,9,10,11,12

JP Alternity galvatron & Banzaitron
Masterpiece Optimus Prime

TFPrime Legion Evac, Soundwave 

TFPrime Legion Breakdown
BotShots W4 Clear Optimus

Advent calendar
Keyring torch
DOTM capsule figurines

Grand Maximus (a day trip to Sydney, just to get this... the biggest general release Transformers toy ever)
TFprime Legion Mirage


 Ultimate Gift set (Jazz, Optimus, Motorbreath, Thundercracker)
AM Thundercracker, Orion Pax, Gaia Unicron
MP Sideswipe/Lambor
Gen Hotspot, Megatron, Powerdive

Gen1 Train set (from the mid 80s).  A non-toy item I have wanted for almost 15 years, and I find one on ebay... only to end up with a severly water-damaged box. It was very disappointing.  I can't use the trainset in this country without buying new (compatible) electrical bits, so having the big beautiful box was half the reason I wanted this.

AM Jet Vehicon, Darkness Megatron
Capsule Micron Wave 2 (Bulkhead, Arcee, Megatron, Dado grey, Dado orange)
Gen1 Trainset
FOC VOY Soundwave w/ Laserbeak

Gen Scout Laserbeak, Sandstorm
Masterpiece Thundercracker (TRU)
FOC Combaticons (Brawl, Blastoff, Onslaught, Vortex, Swindle)
JP Lawsons VOY Darkside Optimus Prime
Rescue Bots Hoist, Medix
(FOC strategy guide, Rescue Bots DVD)

From the trip to Universal Studios Singapore

TFPrime DLX Vehicon V2, Sergeant Kup, Rumble
TFPrime Cmdr Skyquake

BotShots Wave 5 (Roadbuster, Skywarp, clear Shockwave)
Asian Gen Scout Deadend, Brawl
Speedstars bike Dirt Rocket

Universal Studios Optimus w/ Trailer, Voy Optimus, Voy Megatron, DLX Evac (2nd), Bumblebee Quantum Enforcer.

TFPrime DLX Airachnid (not in photo)
Asian Gen Lead Starscream, Ironhide

(BotShots play-mat)
Kreo Microchangers Wave 1 (Springer, Blast Off, Rampage, Bludgeon, Hook, Airachnid, Quickslinger, Inferno, Warpath, Singe, Insecticon, Dirge)
(JP KT figurines - Rumble, Frenzy, Optimus bust, 86-movie Devastator, AI & Fire Convoy)
JP AM Smokescrean, Nemesis Prime, Silas Breakdown

The total Singapore toy haul.

Waiting for me at the post office when I got home from Singapore...
TFPrime Cmdr Battle Tactics Bulkhead
TFPrime Leg Flamewar, Quickblade Bbee
Rescue Bots Blades
TFPrime Vehicle Bumblebee Battlesuit
Gen2 FOC Combaticons (Brawl, Blastoff, Onslaught, Vortex, Swindle)


FOC Voy Soundblaster w/ Buzzsaw
FOC Leg Frenzy & Ratbat
FOC Leg Rumble & Ravage

 Jetwing Optimus (Amazon excl - the one in front with the blue stripes on the wings)

Dark Energon - Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Knockout, Starscream

2011 (green) BAPE Prime
2012 (grey) BAPE Prime

A rainbow of Optimus Primes.

2012 was an eventful year for me, Transformers-wise.
I travelled to two countries (America & Singapore) for the two Transformers Rides, in addition to the annual Transformers convention in April (in Dallas, Texas). I managed to tie up a few (mostly insignificant) loose ends with the collection, plus obtain the biggest, most expensive Transformers toy released in retail stores (the Japanese Grand Maximus).
The year saw some new lines start up, but also prompted me to focus on some old lines that I had little interest in before - Playskool Gobots (from the early 2000s) and the South American original toys from the 80s and 90s.
In 2013, I am hoping to obtain more of the South American figures, plus more of the Japanese Gen1 toys from the 80s... hopefully with a trip to Japan and Hong Kong sometime during the year.
And more importantly, I hope to find some other items from my top 10.
BotCon in 2013 is in San Diego in June, and if the third Transformers Ride (in Florida) is open by then, I'd like to include a detour to that as well, in case they have some new exclusives.

I gotta update my collection page too... I'm so lazy. :(