Monday 16 May 2016

My BotCon 2016 Adventure

My Botcon 2016 adventure report is finally completed, with 38 pages and 957 images.
For those who went and want to relive it, or those who missed it or missed parts of it...

It took me about five weeks to do, but that's about normal for me due to work and other more important things when I get back home.

While most people just enjoy BotCon for a week, I do these write-ups so that it is like living it for 5-6 weeks, while processing photos, typing up pages from my notes and listening to the audio recordings to complete my archive. I end up remembering the Convention better in the process, and have it there to relive in the future.

 Initially, I wasn't thinking I would go this year, but hearing about it being the last one (again), I committed to going to my 16th BotCon. Being so late to commit to it, I wasn't able to give myself much time away or save up much money, so it was only 5 nights in America this time, and very little spending money (once I had to spend almost all of it at the Club Store).

 It was a great time this year, with friends, guests, and of course all of the Transformers... with a few sad moments for many of us old timers.

Wednesday 6 January 2016

My 30 years of toys - Display Case 23 (MOTU)

Well, this is it... the final Display Case of my "30 year" Toy Collection, but it isn't a Display Case of Transformers.
It is Display Case 23 (which no one seem to notice was skipped), and it is my first action figure toy love before Transformers - Masters of the Universe.
I never owned any of them as a kid, but I remember playing with other kids' MOTU toys before I got my first Transformers toy in 1985.
There was just something about the He-Man toys with all their accessories, plus the melding of medieval swords with technology and
magic, and the mini-comics that came with the toys that captivated my imagination. Later when I grew up, I hunted down as many as I could of
the original series... and a few of the more interesting ones from the newer series of toys, with particular interest on the toys of characters that never had toys before.

Thankyou for viewing this presentation, and I hope it was worth it. If you missed anything, the collection can be found at this website.

Top of display case - playsets

1982 -
Castle Grayskull
1983 -
Point Dread & Talon Fighter
1984 -
Snake Mountain
1985 -
Fright Zone
1986 -
Slime Pit

Shelf 1 - Heroes (accessories on lower shelf)

1982 -
He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Zodac, Teela, Stratos
1983 -
Man-E-Faces, Ram-Man
1984 -
MOTU - Battle Armor He-Man, Prince Adam, Buzz-Off, Fisto, Orko, Mekaneck
POP - She-Ra, Bow
1985 -
Thunder Punch He-Man, Moss Man, Roboto, Sy-Klone
1986 -
MOTU - Rio Blast, Snout Sput, Extendar
Stonedar, Rokkon
1987 -
MOTU - Sorceress
Movie - Gwildor

Shelf 2 - Villains (accessories on lower shelf)

1982 -
Skeletor, Beast Man, Mer-Man
1983 -
Tri-Klops, Trap-Jaw, Evil-Lyn, Faker
1984 -
MOTU - Battle Armor Skeletor, Webstor, Jitsu, Whiplash, Clawful, Kobra Khan
POP - Catra
1985 -
MOTU - Two-Bad, Stinkor, Spikor
Horde - Hordak, Leech, Grizzlor, Mantenna, Modulok
1986 -
Horde - Hurricane Hordak, Dragstor
Snakemen - King Hiss, Tung Lashor, Rattlor
1987 -
Horde - Mosquitor
Snakemen - Sssqueeze
Movie - Blade

Shelf 3 - Beasts & Weapons packs (plus accessories from toys above - to be placed back on the toys later)

1982 -
Battle Cat
1983 -
Zoar, Screeech, Panthor
1984 -
1985 -
Night Stalker, Battle Bones
1986 -
Jet Sled

Shelf 4 - Vehicles

1982 -
Battle Ram, Wind Raider
1983 -
Attak Trak
1984 -
Road Ripper, Roton, Dragon Walker
1985 -
Land Shark, Bashasaurus
1986 -
Laser Bolt

Shelf 5 - Empty packaging & DVDs

Still missing -
POP 1984
-playsets - CRYSTAL CASTLE
MOTU 1985
-vehicles - SPYDOR
MOTU 1986
-playsets - ETERNIA
MOTU 1987
-Snakemen - SNAKE FACE.
-movie - SAUROD

Masters of the Universe Classics.

Plundor, Lizard Man, Hover Robots (3), Icer, Lord Dactus.

Count Marzo, Chief Carnivus, Nepthu, Battros, Faceless One.

Unnamed One (w/ Horde map), Eldor, Strongor, Geldor.

Flutterina, Adora, Glimmer, Mermista, Lookee, Kowl.

Arrow (Bow's Horse), Hordak, Imp, Imp as a Chest, Catra, Scorpia, Procrustus, Vykron (SDCC version).

Tuesday 5 January 2016

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 38

Two Display Cases left, and today's is the last of the Transformers Display Cases, number 38. It is only new, so is still half empty, as it will house some of the 2016 toylines.
The toys that are currently in there already are 2016 Generations, 2016 Robots In Disguise, 2015 Rescue Bots and 2015 Club/Convention toys.

Top of display case - empty = 0
(Generations 2016 Titans Return large)

Shelf 1 - empty = 0
(Generations 2016 Titans Return small)

Shelf 2 - Generations 2016 Combiner Wars = 3

Deluxe -
Swindle, Blast Off, Vortex

Shelf 3 - 2016 Hasbro Robots in Disguise = 4

Warrior - Megatronus, Fracture, Night Strike Bumblebee, Blizzard Strike Optimus

Shelf 4 - empty = 0
(RID 2016 gimmick)

Shelf 5 - Hasbro Rescue Bots (2015) = 18

Feature Bot - Boulder, Heatwave (missing Optimus, High Tide)

Transforming - Optimus (new), Chase, Boulder, Salvage, Blurr, Bumblebee.

Vehicles - Tunnel Rescue Drill with Graham Burns & Morbot, Shark Sub Capture with Dr Morocco & Blades.

Playset - High Tide

Elite - Heatwave

Epic - Salvage, Blurr

Exclusive - Optimus Prime Tow-Truck (Amazon exclusive), Heatwave Ambulance (Amazon exclusive).

Shelf 6 - BotCon & Collector Club (2015) = 45

BotCon 2015
Boxset - Megatron (w/ Scalpel/white, Heavyweight/pink, Boombox/black), Packrat, Stepper (w/ Nebulon), Battletrap, Oilmaster (shell, car, jet)
Attendee - Zaptrap, Beet-Chit, Spy-Eye
Custom - Galva Convoy (painted), Galva Convoy (unpainted)
Gen2 2-pack - General Optimus, Sargeant Hound (w/ Dia/orange, Cline/blue)
Diaclone - Burn Out, Lift-Ticket
Waruder 4-pack - Parasite/purple (w/ Ripper/blue), Mudfighter/orange (w/ Thrasher/black), Storm Rider/red (w/ Crusher/red), Paralyzer/white (w/ Buzzer/yellow)
Kreo - Autobot X, Nightbird, Doctor Arkeville, Robotmaster, Sentinel Prime, The Headmaster.

Membership - Lio Convoy

Store Exclusives
- Nova Prime
(missing Marissa & Afterburner, Old Snake & BAT x2)

Subscription series 3
- Carzap w/ GB Blackrock Kreon
- Nacelle
- SerpentOR
- Tarantulas w/ 2 Insect drones
- Gen2 Starscream
- Krok (w/ Gatoraider)
- Nightracer w/ Shakar


Monday 4 January 2016

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 37

Three to go and one of them is Display Case 37, featuring the 2015 Generations toys, Japanese Unite Warriors & Legends, 2015 Robots In Disguise, and Japanese Adventure and Easy Dynamic.

Top of display case - Japanese Unite Warriors (2015), Hasbro Devastator (2015) = 23

JP Unite Warriors
- UW01 Superion - Silverbolt, Airraid, Skydive, Slingshot, Fireflight.
- UW02 Menasor - Motormaster, Breakdown, Deadend, Dragstrip, Wildrider.
- Grand Scourge
- UW03 Devastator - Bonecrusher, LongHaul, Mixmaster, Scrapper, Scavenger, Hook.

Hasbro Devastator - Bonecrusher, LongHaul, Mixmaster, Scrapper, Scavenger, Hook.

Shelf 1 - Generations Combiner Wars Leader, Legends, Voyager (2015) = 18

Legends - Bombshell, Powerglide, Thundercracker, Windcharger, Huffer, Blackjack, Groove, Viper, Warpath, Rodimus, Skywarp.

Voyager - Cyclonus, Battle Core Optimus

Leader - Megatron (silver), Amada Megatron, Thundercracker, Ultra Magnus (w/ Minimus Ambus), Starscream.

Shelf 2 - Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe, Voyager (2015) = 22

Deluxe - Dragstrip, Alpha Bravo, Firefly, Skydive, Air Raid, Breakdown, Dead End, Offroad, First Aid, Streetwise, Rook, Blades, Ironhide, Mirage, Prowl, Sunstreaker.

Voyager - Optimus Prime, Silverbolt, Motormaster, Hot Spot.

Online Exclusives - DLX Quickslinger, DLX Brake-Neck.

Shelf 3 - 2015 Japanese Specials, & 2014 Marvel Deaths Head = 21

2014 Marvel Deaths Head (not applicable to count)

JP Legends -
LG10 Arcee
LG15 Nightbird
LG16 Slipstream
LG17 Blackwidow

JP Adventure -
TAV07 - Roadblock
TAV08 - Gregevor/Greenjeeper
TAV09 - Swoop
TAV10 - Slug/Slag
TAV11 - Bloody Knockout
TAV12 - Dreadwing
TAV13 - Nemesis Prime
TAV28 - Ground Vehicon General
TAV29 - Supreme Bumblebee
TAV33 - Optimus Supreme mode
TAVVS03 - Strongarm Vs Phantomclaw

JP Easy Dynamic -
TED05 - Junkion (AOE Power Battler - blue/grey redeco)

JP Adventure Freebie EZ - Bumblebee, Steeljaw, Optimus, Strongarm.

Shelf 4 - Hasbro Robots in Disguise Warrior, Legion, Deployer, Minicon (2015) = 38

Warrior - Bumblebee, Grimlock, Strongarm, Steeljaw, Optimus Prime, Drift, Jazz, Sideswipe, Gold Armor Grimlock, Night Ops Bumblebee.

Legion - Bumblebee, Optimus, Strongarm, Steeljaw, Grimlock, Sideswipe, Fixit, Underbite, Patrol Mode Strongarm, Ultra Magnus, Night Ops Bumblebee, Alpine Strike Sideswipe.

Deployers - Drift & Jetstorm, Fracture & Airazor.

Minicons - Sawback, Dragonus, Divebomb, Slipstream, Beastbox, Ratbat, Sandsting, Velocirazor.

Clash of the Transformers Legion - Optimus Vs Megatronus, Bumblebee Vs Underbite
(Missing Clash Warriors - Optimus, Sideswipe, Bumblebee, Megatronus)

Shelf 5 - Hasbro Robots in Disguise 1-step, 3-step (2015) = 22

One-Step - Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Strongarm, Underbite, Fixit, Grimlock, Steeljaw, Drift, Fracture, Thunderhoof, Ninja Mode Sideswipe, Night Ops Bumblebee, Patrol Mode Strongarm, Gold Armor Grimlock.

Hyper-Change/3-step - Grimlock, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Steeljaw, Night Ops Bumblebee.

Mega 3-step - Optimus Prime

Clash of the Transformers Ultra - Megatronus
(Missing Clash 3-step - Optimus, Bumblebee)

Shelf 6 - Hasbro Robots in Disguise Titans, Tiny Titans, Hero Masher, Super 3-step (2015) = 12

Super 3-step - Bumblebee

Titan Hero/12-inch - Optimus, Bumblebee, Steeljaw, Sideswipe
Titan 12-inch electronic - Bumblebee, Optimus Prime
Titan 12-inch transforming - Bumblebee, Optimus Prime

Hero Mashers Wave 1 - Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Steeljaw

Tiny Titans -
W1 - Bisk, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Grimlock, Hammerstrike, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Sideswipe, Steeljaw, Strongarm, Thunderhoof, Underbite.
W2 - G1 Autobot Jazz, G1 Autobot Ratchet, G1 Autobot Topspin, G1 Bumblebee, G1 Cyclonus, RID Quillfire, G1 Sharkticon, G1 Soundwave, G1 Starscream, G1 Superion, RID Terrashock, G1 Ultra Magnus.
W3 - RID Drift, G1 Repugnus, G1 Wreckgar, RID Fixit, RID Filch, RID Fracture, G1 Shockwave, BW Megatron, G1 Wheeljack, G1 Optimus, RID Springload, G1 Twinferno/Doublecross.

(missing Titan Guardian/6-inch - Bumblebee, Optimus, Steeljaw, Sideswipe)


Sunday 3 January 2016

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 36

With only four Display Cases left, today we have Display Case 36, containing TF4 Movie Platinum Editions, TF4 Japanese, 2014 Hasbro specials, 2014 Japanese, 2015 RID Kre-O, 2014 Angry Birds Transformers, and 2015 SDCC.

Top of display case - packaging = 0

Shelf 1 - TF4 Age of Extinction Platinum Editions (2014) = 19

Voyager 2-pack - Optimus Prime, Grimlock.
Breakout Battle - Scrapyard Optimus Prime, Vehicon, Rollbar.
Trailer pack - First Edition Optimus w/ Trailer, Sideswipe.
Leader 2-pack - Optimus Prime, Grimlock.
Autobots United - Optimus Prime, Hound, Drift, Bumblebee, Crosshairs.
Dinobots Unleashed - Grimlock, Slog, Slug, Scorn, Strafe.

Shelf 2 - TF4 Lost Age Japanese Editions (2014) = 23

Lost Age Advanced -
AD-08 - Battle Blade Bumblebee, AD-09 - Protoform Optimus Prime, AD-10 - Starscream, AD-11 - Dispensor, AD-12 - Revenge Optimus Prime, AD-14 - Jolt, AD-15 - Ratchet, AD-16 Autobot Dino, AD-17 Dark Side Soundwave, AD-20 Black Knight Grimlock, AD-31 Armor Knight Optimus Prime, AD-32 Stinger.

Lost Age Gimmick -
LA-01 Battle Command Optimus Prime, LA-02 Big Grimlock (Flip & Change), LA-04 Grimlock (One-Step), LA-13 Battle Attack Nemesis Prime (Power Battler).

Exclusives -
Rusty Optimus (TRU), Wheeljack (Aeon), Black Knight Slug, Black Knight Scorn, Black Knight Strafe, Nemesis Prime (Winter Festival), Army Camo Hound (Amazon JP)

Shelf 3 - Hasbro Specials (2014-2015) = 26

Protectobots - Hotshot, Blades, Streetsmart, First Aid, Groove
SDCC 2014 Dinobots 4-pack - Grimlock, Slug, Strafe, Snarl (Gen1 deco)
SDCC 2014 - Knights of Unicron - Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave w/ Laserbeak, Jazz w/ Ratbat.
Amazon 2014 - Voyager Slog (Gen1 deco)
YOTG 2015 - Optimus Prime, Soundwave w/ Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak.
SDCC 2015 Hunter 3-pack - Arcee, Chromia, Windblade

Shelf 4 - Japanese & Exclusives (2014-2015) = 46

Sega Megadrive Megatron
Playstation Optimus
Million Publishing Go-Shooter & Shuta
Million Publishing Shouki & Daniel
TFC-A02 Cloud Brawn
TFC-D03 Cloud Shockwave

Licensed (not applicable to count) -
Sentinel Optimus Pen
Fewture Alpha Trion
JP Bearbrick Starscream

Q-Transformers (2014-2015) -
QT-01 Movie Optimus Prime, QT-02 Movie Bumblebee, QT-03 Movie Lockdown, QT-04 Movie Crosshairs.
QT-05 Gen1 Lambor, QT-06 Gen1 Prowl, QT-07 Gen1 Hot Rodimus, QT-08 Gen1/ALT Bumble.
QT-09 ALT Optimus Prime, QT-10 Gen1 Wheeljack.
QT-11 Gen1 Jazz, QT-12 Gen1 Sunstreaker, QT-13 Gen1 Red Alert, QT-14 Gen1 Smokescreen.
QT-15 Gen1 Hound, QT-16 Binaltech Bluestreak.
QT-18 Movie Nemesis Prime, QT-19 Gen1 Convoy, QT-20 Gen1 Megatron (grey Lamborghini Neno)
QT-21 Skids, QT-22 Drift
QT-23 Movie Optimus Prime (cartoon colour), QT-24 Movie Bumblebee (cartoon colour), QT-25 Movie Lockdown (cartoon colour)
QT-26 Gen1 Shockwave, QT-27 Gen1 Soundwave, QT-28 Gen1 Cliff
QT-29 Gen1 Starscream, QT-30 Gen1 Skywarp, QT-31 Gen1 Thundercracker
QT-17 Gen1 Tracks

Q-Transformers Crossovers (2015)
QTC02 Evangelion Three Pack (Eva-0/yellow, Eva-1/purple, Eva-2/red)
QTC01H Hello Kitty Halloween Edition
QTC03 Paper Rabbit Rope, QTC04 Akira Senpai, QTC05 Snoopy

Shelf 5 - Kre-O Robots in Disguise & Gen1 (2015) = 37

Kreo RID custom - Optimus Prime, Steeljaw, Bumblebee, Grimlock.
Kreo RID Build Set - Sideswipe Roadway Rundown (Sideswipe car w/ 2 Kreons - Sideswipe, Hammerstrike)
Kreo RID Build Set - Strongarm Capture Cruiser (Strongarm car w/ 2 Kreons - Strongarm, Springload)
Kreo RID Build Set - Bumblebee Disc Demolisher (Bumblebee car w/ 3 Kreons - Bumblebee, Bisk, Clampdown)
Kreo RID Build Set - Underbite Jet Pack Takedown (Underbite beast w/ 3 Kreons - Optimus, Underbite, Ped)
Kreo RID Build Set - Optimus Prime Beast Blaster (Optimus truck w/ 4 Kreons - Optimus, Fracture, Airazor, Divebomb)

Kreo Gen1 Battle Changers - Bumblebee, Grimlock, Optimus, Starscream, Shockwave, Hound.
Kreo Gen1 Battle Changers Vs Pack - Optimus & Trailer Vs Megatron, Ratchet Vs Soundwave (with Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak)

Shelf 6 - SDCC 2015 Devastator, Hasbro Transformers Angry Birds (2014-2015) = 22

SDCC Devastator - Scrapper, Hook, Scavenger, Bonecrusher, Longhaul, Mixmaster.

Angry Birds
Telepods -
Single packs - Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Lockdown, Galvatron, Soundwave, Heatwave
2-packs - Ultra Magnus vs Soundblaster, Sentinel Prime vs Bludgeon

Tracksets/Launcher sets -
Optimus Race-track (w/ Optimus Prime & Megatron)
Bumblebee Bird Blast (Giant convertible Bumblebee Bird w/ High Octane Bumblebee Bird & Goldbite Grimlock Bird)
(missing quite a few of these - they had a very limited release)


Saturday 2 January 2016

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 35

Today begins the final five Display Cases of the collection, with Display Case 35, containing fan-favourite Masterpiece toys, both Japanese and Hasbro, from 2003 to 2015.
As much as I love collecting these toys, they have been getting very expensive in recent years, especially the limited edition figures, resulting in me having to skip a number of the ones I wanted because they just aren't worth the price.

Top of case - HK Masterpiece Specials (2014-2015), Loyal Subjects = 2

HK Masterpiece - MP-08X comic Grimlock (reissue) with throne
HK Masterpiece - MP-5G Gold Megatron

HK Bonus items - Vector Sigma, mini Reflector

Loyal Subjects - Optimus Prime (electronic)

Shelf 1 - Takara Masterpiece, Hasbro Anniversary (2003-2005) = 6

JP MP-1 - Convoy (Optimus Prime)
JP MP-2 - Ultra Magnus
JP MP-3 - Starscream (green)
JP MP-4 - Convoy with Trailer
US Anniversary Optimus Prime
JP MP1B - Convoy Black version

Shelf 2 - Takara Masterpiece, Hasbro Anniversary (2005-2010) = 5

JP MP-5 - Megatron
JP MP-6 - Skywarp
JP MP-7 - Thundercracker
US Movie/DVD Anniversary Optimus Prime
JP 2010 MP-4S Sleep Convoy

Shelf 3 - Takara Masterpiece, Hasbro Masterpiece (2007-2011) = 6

US Anniversary/Masterpiece Starscream
JP MP-8 - Grimlock (with helmet)
US Masterpiece Grimlock (with crown)
JP 2010 MP-9 - Rodimus Convoy
US Masterpiece Rodimus Prime (w/ Offshoot)
JP MP-3G - Ghost Starscream

Shelf 4 - Takara Masterpiece Autobots (2012-2015) = 17

JP MP-10 Convoy (w/ Trailer)
JP MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe)
JP MP-14 Alert (Red Alert)
JP MP-12T Tigertrack
JP MP-17 Prowl
JP MP-18 Streak (Bluestreak)
JP MP-19 Smokescreen
JP MP-12G Lambor G2 version
JP MP-18S Silverstreak
JP MP-20 Wheeljack
JP MP-21 Bumble (Bumblebee) & Spike
JP MP-22 Ultra Magnus (with Spike & Daniel)
JP MP-18B Bluestreak
JP MP-21G Bumble (Bumblebee) Gold/G2 Version
JP MP-25 Tracks (with Roaul & Blaster)
JP MP-26 Road Rage (with Twincast)

Shelf 5 - Takara Masterpiece Decepticons (2011-2015) = 13

JP MP-9B - Ehobby black Rodimus Convoy
JP MP-11 Starscream
JP MP-11S Sunstorm
JP MP-13 Soundwave & Condor (Laserbeak)
JP MP-15 Rumble & Jaguar (Ravage)
JP MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw
JP MP-10B Black Convoy
JP MP-13B Soundblaster & Ratbat
JP MP-23 Exhaust

Shelf 6 - Hasbro Masterpiece (2011-2014), Takara Masterpiece (2014) = 6

US MP Optimus Prime (w/ Trailer)
US MP Skywarp
US MP Thundercracker
US MP-01 Acid Storm
US MP-05 Sunstorm
JP MP-24 Star Saber