Monday 16 May 2016

My BotCon 2016 Adventure

My Botcon 2016 adventure report is finally completed, with 38 pages and 957 images.
For those who went and want to relive it, or those who missed it or missed parts of it...

It took me about five weeks to do, but that's about normal for me due to work and other more important things when I get back home.

While most people just enjoy BotCon for a week, I do these write-ups so that it is like living it for 5-6 weeks, while processing photos, typing up pages from my notes and listening to the audio recordings to complete my archive. I end up remembering the Convention better in the process, and have it there to relive in the future.

 Initially, I wasn't thinking I would go this year, but hearing about it being the last one (again), I committed to going to my 16th BotCon. Being so late to commit to it, I wasn't able to give myself much time away or save up much money, so it was only 5 nights in America this time, and very little spending money (once I had to spend almost all of it at the Club Store).

 It was a great time this year, with friends, guests, and of course all of the Transformers... with a few sad moments for many of us old timers.