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July Transformers - Playskool bots

Checked the post office yesterday, and the Playskool Transformers I had been waiting on for a few weeks, was finally there.
These ones are from 2002-2004, following on from the "1-2-3 Transformers", which were a set of four "kiddie" figures that turned into rescue vehicles with human names and were electronic (five if you include the one-off Rescue Roy).
This follow-up series had about 4 waves, with changing series name for each.
Series 1 (2002) - "Playskool Big Adventures Transformers" (toys had an Autobot Symbol on them)
Series 2 (2003) - "Transformers Go-Bots" (Autobot symbol)
Series 3 (2003/04) - "Go-Bots" (no Autobot Symbol)
Series 4 (2005) - "Transformers Go-Bots" (no Autobot Symbol)

I'm only interested in the first two series, as they are clearly part of Transformers, and will mean less to try to collect (only the first series was released here in Australia, making it harder to collect others).

So the figures I've now added to my want list:

- - Series 1 (2002) (5 figures - have all 5)
Cheetor (cheetah)
Gorillabot (gorilla)
Mototron (sportscar)
Speedbot (sportscar)
Aerobot (jet)
- - Series 2 (2003) (12 figures  - so far have 6, noted in red)
Aero-Bot II (sportscar)
Beast-Bot II (panther)
Buzzer-Bot (wasp)
Dino-Bot (Velociraptor)
Fire-Bot (fire chief car)
Prowl-Bot (police cruiser)
Reptron (Velociraptor)
Strong-Bot (bulldozer)
Mirage-Bot (Formula 1 racer) w/ Kid-Bot & Doggie
Speed-Bot II (Formula 1 racer) w/ Kid-Bot & Gas-Bot

Aero-Bot (jet)
Silverbolt (jet)

A dealer had the 11 figures listed on ebay, all sealed in packaging, so I asked if he'd do a discount.
He did, and when I got them, they were a lot bigger than I had expected, so kinda felt bad for asking for a discount (they ended up costing me about $30 each, but are Voyager size and bigger).

This is the lot still in packaging (series 1 at the top in blue, series 2 at the bottom)...

As I took each out of packaging, I transformed them and put them on the shelf for a group photo in their alt modes. Series 1 on the left, Series 2 on the right.
And in robot mode, with a couple familiar figures (Gen1 Optimus, TFPrime DLX Ratchet, TFPrime VOY Megatron) to show the size of these ones.
In the front are four of the recent Capsule figurines sent to me by fellow fan Sharky. I was at the post office to post to him a Kabaya Model kit for them, and the figurines were there waiting for me.
Unfortunately, I dropped a couple on the floor while putting them on the shelf, and one of the Sentinel Primes broke an arm. I glued it back on, but I was surprised that it broke so easily.
It means I have 2 left to collect - a second Shockwave and a second Megatron. If I wanted to complete the set.

Some interesting things about the Playskool Transformers....
- Cheetor and Gorillabot, Buzzer-bot and Dino-bot appear to be inspired by Beast Wars (Cheetor by name and appearance, Optimus by appearance, Waspinator kinda, and Dinobot by name).
- Mototron (black car in series one) is the only one noted as being a "bad guy" and "nasty character to steer clear of". Everyone else I got is noted as being good guys. Mototron still has an Autobot symbol on him though. TFwiki claims that only Preditron is evil, but Mototron's bio is definitely opposite of the "good guy" theme of the others.
- Mototron and Speedbot have colours that remind me of European Aquaspeeders/Stormtroopers.
- The larger two figures (Aerobot and Mirage-Bot) have sound features, which are different in each mode.
- Reptron has a lot more orange on the toy than on the packaging pictures.
- It should be noted that there is no "Beast-Bot" toy before "Beast-Bot II". The Gorillabot is said to be the same character, who changed his form to a panther (and changed his name I guess), as the colours are the same.
- Each are very simplistic to transform, which is the point for the age-group they are designed for... but some are quite innovative in the way they achieve that transformation. Simple, but creative.

This was one series I had no examples of in my collection, and after recently acquiring some Argentinian Transformers, I think I now have something from every Transformers series ever released.
Now I just gotta find a shelf for these ones... as I don't have any spare shelves right now. I only just added a set of shelves, and they are full already.
And with some of the HK Generations series and the FOC Generations on their way to me right now, I might have to get some more shelves.
I got no where to put them though.
The hassles of toy collecting.... :p

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