Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Transformers part 5

Not a bad month for me so far, with five lots of Transformers toys... but most of them were imported though (due to slow restocking at retailers here, and our over-inflated prices of foreign toys in Australia).

This lot was thanks to the BigW sale, which started three days ago, but I was able to get the sale prices four days before that... only after a lot of haggling at two different stores (they were supposed to match their sale prices because they were already available online, but never had it as a condition in the fine-print that online sales were excluded).  So I was able to save $16 from two of the items, which convinced me to buy the Cyberverse Vehicle sets (at $3 more than Kmart... but was willing to pay the difference after saving $16).

In the middle are the Remote Controlled toys (Optimus is from Wave 2, which is 4 months earlier than it was supposed to be), flanked by the two Cyberverse Vehicle sets.

The Vehicle sets are more basic than expected, after having the TF3 Ark playset being a fully transformable spaceship/base... these only had a couple moving parts that move by sliding a lever.
The Remote Controlled vehicles were also a disappointment, as they only move forward.  The only way to change direction is to transform into robot mode, because it spins in a circle as it stands up.  Problem with that though, is that you are then stuck with the direction it ends up in when fully transformed.  The remote-controlled transformation is indeed a new, nifty gimmick for Transformers, but they sacrificed the ability to control/change the direction of the toy.

Out of packaging, this is what the four figures looked like...

And Legion Wheeljack next to Deluxe Wheeljack...

And with some Gen1 Legion/EZ toys, to see how it looks as a Gen1 Wheeljack...
If it had a spoiler at the back and more accurate Gen1 colouring, it could probably do as suitable Gen1 release. The robot mode would need a smaller "window" paint app though.  The three at the back were there because they are a different size scale to the cars.

Some more photos of the items I got in the last two lots.

I finally got a 9-volt battery into the Argentinian Radio-bot I got last week. This is the chest open for the battery.

It didn't look like it was working, and I was about to remove the battery when turning it on its side, something must have moved internally.... as it started broadcasting a radio station.  It was in a foreign language, so had me laughing at the thought that it was channeling an Argentinian radio station. (it wasn't though, as I was able to get another local "English" station as well).
The best thing though is the surprise to see that it also has a light in it's head, to make the eyes glow...

...aaaand the "name" AM on the back of the head.

I also took some photos of the TFPrime Weaponizers... Bumblebee & Optimus (not like they need any introductions).

Pretty ordinary in vehicle mode from the front... but from the back, Optimus is an avoidable mess.

You can see the arms sitting there, and a big empty mess in the back of the cab and back of the legs. If they had a foldable panel at the back of the legs that could also fold open to cover the back of the cab, it would improve the truck mode, and not make a difference to the robot mode (because those extra panels are at the back of the legs.

So here was a nice line up of the TFPrime Optimus and Bumblebee toys (taken before I had the Remote Controlled toys).
(click on it for full size)

And one last one of the JP Terrorcon Cliffjumper next to the Hasbro Cliffjumper. (I had the robot modes shown in the previous post)

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