Sunday, 8 July 2012

Natural Chips review

Natural Chips are new, by Snackbrands Australia (the only real competition to the powerful American Smiths Chips/Lays/Doritos company).
They are crinkle-cut potato chip range, which is strange, as Snackbrands already produce Samboy... so it's almost like they are competing against themselves because these don't differentiate themselves from what they are already producing. It's almost like Snackbrands just can't be bothered competing against the American giant, and either copy (CC's colours and flavours are similar to Doritos) or are just repetitive of what they already do (these could have just been branded as Samboy chips to bulk out that brand like Smiths Chips have done).

The "Natural Chips" come in four flavours, and they are a lot of salt flavours - Salt, Salt & Pepper, Salt & Vinegar, Honey Soy Chicken (soy sauce is salty)... it is a pretty boring assortment to launch a new line with.

Honey Soy Chicken.
The best of the four, but still isn't spectacular.  This probably should have been called "sweet soy", because it is sweet, not salty (like soy sauce).  It doesn't taste like honey, or chicken either. Most of it was sweet, until I got to the smaller fragments and crumbs, which was where it really tasted like salty soy sauce.  3/5

Sea Salt.
A very subtle saltiness, which is good, as it isn't too strong like other plain/original/salted chips. 2.5/5

Salt & Vinegar.
Also a subtle flavour, making it easier to eat more before you get sick of the flavour. The chips are said to be "all natural", but has in the ingredients "Natural Flavour".  What is "Natural Flavour"? If it is something found in nature, then tell us what it is, as companies should do (so that we know what we are eating).  If it is a brand name for a flavouring ingredient (like MSG), then we need to know what is the ingredients in "Natural Flavouring".  I don't trust foods that have secretive ingredients, especially if it could be something you could be allergic to. 2.5/5

Salt & Pepper
Exclusive to Coles. This is a surprising flavour.  It just tastes like normal salted chips while you are chewing them, but then when you swallow, the pepper kicks in.  Not a big kick, but enough to give these chips a second dimension of flavour. 2.5/5

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