Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Transformers part 6

On the last day of June, I checked my post box and found 3 more packages for me.
One was an Activator Ironhide from TF3 movie line (a loose end because it was not released here... at this time at least). It completes my TF3 Activators collection.
The second box had in it a TF1 Movie robot-battling game, which is just two hand controllers that have a robot plugged into each, and you move the controller to move the figure in a fighting motion.  I forgot to take a photo of it, so will do that later.
The third box had in it the Tokyo Toy Show exclusive Transformers - Crystal TFPrime First Edition Optimus, United Dark Optimus Prime, Shining B2 Micron... plus the first wave of Capsule Microns (Optimus, Bumblebee, black Cobra, pink Cobra, black Gecko, pink Gecko).

I forgot to include the Shining B2 Micron in that pic, so took a few pics of the build (the regular Microns come as a model kit...

Just like the Shadow Microns, this one only came with a single allegiance sticker.
This photo shows it finished, with the Capsule Microns.

The Dark Optimus Prime (which oddly enough, has Decepticon Symbols on it, but is noted as being an Autobot)... with the previous 3 versions of that mould (Crystal, Henkei, Hasbro Classics).

And the Crystal TFPrime Optimus, next to the regular First Edition version.

I had to do a bit of surgery on my Dark United Optimus.
One of the arms wasn't folding properly into the side of the cab in truck mode, and I couldn't work out why, as it didn't look like there should have been anything in the way.  When I took a closer look at both arms (at the shoulder joint), I realised that the part that connects the arm to the chest was a millimeter out... but wondered how that was possible, since it was a fixed part with a solid pin.
I guessed that maybe the part wasn't symmetrical, and had been placed the wrong way around during construction. If that were true, it might be unfixable due to being attached to the arm with a pin.
I had to see if it could be removed from the chest, which might allow me to swivel it on the arm joint and then replace it into the chest the right way around.
It wasn't easy, but I managed to find 3 screws underneath the chest (requiring rotating the leg section into different positions to get to the screws), and it popped off the chest/arms/head section nicely.
In the photo below, the arrows point to the height of the looped parts that were different. Number 1 was the one that was too low, while Number 2 was where it was supposed to be. That mere 1 millimeter difference made it impossible to transform into truck mode without it being a deformed mess. Removing that looped bit (and the arm it was attached to) and turning it around left me with both sides being like number 2, which gave the clearance necessary in truck mode.
(click on the image for full size)
Putting it back together was a bit of a challenge as well, because there were two little posts that had to line up inside the chest (you can see them on each side of the bottom screw-hole), and they move around because they are part of the hinged head.

With the new Capsule Microns, with mini-me versions of Optimus and Bumblebee, I did up a couple new "size-charts" of those two characters.
Micron - Legion - Remote Controlled - Deluxe RID - Deluxe First Edition - Weaponizer
Micron - Commander - Remote Controlled - Deluxe First Edition - Voyager RID - Voyager First Edition - Weaponizer

Fun fact... thanks to my friend Julian.  The Black Jetwing Optimus that I got a couple weeks ago has the remoulded "Buster Optimus" face (with no faceplate), instead of the regular face of the original Jetwing Optimus.  I didn't even realise it until he pointed it out, and I was quite happy about that, because I always hated not buying the Buster Optimus for the different face (I just couldn't justify the expense just for a small mould change).

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  1. Hi nice comparisons I have a question for you how does the Weaponizer Bumblebee head look on FE Bumblebee? Would it look to big on him can you provide a shot if they are easy to swap off course. Thanks