Monday, 23 April 2012

April items - second batch

Friday saw the delivery by UPS of my Hasbro Store Order (had to go via a shipping forwarder, because Hasbro US store won't ship outside of Nth America).
I ordered items for others, but the following were for me.

At the bottom are the new series of Bot Shots... a gimmick based line of spring-loaded Transformers toys, utilising the "rock-paper-scissors" game.  Each person would select a power on the chest, then drive them at their opponent. Each would automatically convert to robot mode, and the one with the better chest-power, wins.
I ordered the first wave of single packs, which has regular Bumblebee, Barricade, Starscream and (faded) Optimus, plus the chase figure - translucent Sentinel Prime.
I also ordered the first wave of launchers - Optimus (darker than the single pack figure) and Megatron. Each can attach to a trailer, which can fold open and has a spring-loaded launcher.

At the top is the "Trilogy" Deluxe Optimus w/ Trailer.  The trailer opens up from one side, so is pretty lame, but is just for storage... it doesn't have any other real purpose than to make Optimus look good in truck mode. The presentation in that packaging is spectacular though.
In the photo below, I have this Trilogy Optimus in the middle of the first Walmart exclusive Optimus (on the right) and the second Walmart Exclusive (gold) Lunarfire Optimus (left)... to show the differences in their colours, and to show the trailer half open above them.

That should be the last Transformers toys before BotCon, if I end up going.
I had an order placed with BBTS last week as well, but it was delayed in it being sent, so won't get to me before Tuesday.
Nothing too fancy in that order though, as it was just 10 more Bot Shots (which are sooo tiny, I really don't want to pay AUS retail pricing) and a couple JP United figures (Axalon & Gen2 Megatron).

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