Saturday, 28 April 2012

BotCon 2012 part 3

Day 3 - Thursday 26th April.

After the last entry was posted up at about 2.30am here, I tried to get to sleep, but couldn't, so started transforming all my boxset toys before falling asleep at 5am. (You'd think that my strange sleeping hours I have back home, it wouldn't be so difficult to sleep here at "normal" hours. Or at least, the concept of jetlag wouldn't be a factor for me)

I had the alarm set for 6am, so that I could get ready for the tour (in case I had to go, or felt like going).  There is just nothing in the tour that I was too interested in, and it was just chosen to gain early bird access to the Registration and Club Store. The $80 is a waste, but negligible compared to the total cost of this week.  They can think of it as a donation. It is better wasting that, than being too exhausted or even injure myself, and waste the $600+ of the actual convention.

So I got up, got ready, and headed down to the meet-up point. I told the volunteer in charge of the tour that I wouldn't be able to go.  There were several others that didn't show up, and I was told that that they do get a few people each year just buying the Tour ticket to be an Early Bird, with no intention of going on the Tour itself.

I went back to the room, and since I wasn't able to get back to sleep, I worked on photos I had taken.
Since the previous day had the Toyhunting, and I was still tired from that (and lack of sleep), the only thing I thought about doing today was get lunch/dinner from the Italian place I saw on my first day.

Just before I headed off, I heard a strange bumping noise outside the room... and no, not the side which has my door.
I went over to the window and found a couple guys cleaning the windows, working their way down rather quickly.

At about midday, I headed out (making sure not to breath through my nose, to minimise the allergies), and grabbed a couple things from the 7-11, and a "small" selection of pizza items.

Heading back to the Hotel, I took another photo of the JFK memorial, from an angle that shows how it is a hollow 2-piece structure.

And the description of why it was done that way:

And some of the wildlife nearby...

Back to the room, I realised that I had to get some sleep, or else I may not get a decent chance once the convention effectively started tonight.
I ate some of the pizza, but since I bought some milk from 7-11, I had to use that up first with the Cereal I bought the day before.  The pizza could be eaten later... if I felt like it.
I managed to fall asleep at 3pm, but had to wake up at 4.30 for the Club Store opening at 5pm.

Heading down there, there weren't too many people, as this early start was just for Golden Ticket holders.

FunPub were having issues with their Credit Card machines not getting a signal on the lower level, so those of us wanting to use them, had to go upstairs to their Registration room, and then back down if we wanted any non-convention items.

I grabbed my 3-of-each limit, totaling over $900.
Plus a couple items for others downstairs, and a Stunticon t-shirt for myself.

The toys out of packaging:

And Soundwave's headband...

I was back at my room at around 6.30pm, and since the internet wasn't working for me, I didn't do much other than taking a few photos and falling asleep at about 9am... with the alarm set for 7.30am.

The show was about to begin...

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