Friday, 20 April 2012

BBQ Twisties and BLUE Twisties

Saw the BBQ Twisties at a Coles Express and tried them out without hesitation. Was soooo worth it.
Very nice.
Very BBQy.
This should be a regular flavour with the Cheese and Chicken. (and get rid of that wicked cheddar flavour)

Then when I was at a 7-11 store, I was shown another new Twisties flavour - Blue Tongue Twisties.
Naturally I was curious enough to try them out as well.

As you can see, the "blue" Twisties are a normal colour.
And they even taste like normal cheese Twisties.
The fun starts when they get wet (with water, or your saliva).

Here's one I put in a bowl of water to demonstrate...

Almost immediately the Twistie turns blue, and within seconds the entire thing is blue...

Fully submerged...

And a close-up, to show what is happening.

Now apparently, the artificial food colouring 133 (Brilliant Blue) can be colourless before water activates its colour... so must be added to the Twisties at the end of the production process and sealed before any moisture can turn them blue.

These are fun for a kids party, and I would recommend them if kids with asthma or allergies weren't sensitive to this blue colour (which is why it is prohibited in many countries around the world now - except Australia and America).
It is also bound to be used on teachers or work-colleagues as a prank, because they look like normal Twisties (if offered in a normal Twisties packet or in a bowl), and the person affected won't know anything is wrong because they won't see their own blue tongue, teeth and mouth.

But be warned... if you eat too many of these, like a couple packets at a kids party, be aware that blue food colouring doesn't get absorbed much into the body... Yes, depending on your diet at the time, the blue food dye may colour what comes out the other end.

Now that'd be a bizarre sight.

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