Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pie-Fection pie shop

On Easter Saturday, I was near my favourite pie shop, Pie-Fection, and grabbed a few to eat and review.
So I asked for one of each of the main meats, and a couple Sausage Rolls as well.
The reason I love this pie shop is because they dice their meats, not mince them... which gives you something to "eat" (chew into) instead of a sloppy gravy or hardened gelatine mass.

(Click on the image to see it full-size)
From left - Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Beef, Rabbit, Normal Sausage Roll, Italian Sausage Roll.

The "normal" Sausage Roll
The meat is okay, with decent flavour.  Pastry is too dry and flaky though, as it seems to be the pastry they use for their pies (because most of it isn't exposed to the hot oven when as a pie), but doesn't work as well for the regular sausage rolls.  Their gourmet sausage rolls have a different pastry, which is a lot nicer.

Italian meats & Camenbert
Supposed to have a range of Italian cured meats, so with that strong cheese, it is really distinct... It's a very unique taste for a Sausage Roll.  The Pastry is really nice with the taste and texture - the best I've ever had.

Butter Chicken Pie
A thick layer of chicken at the bottom, and a very mild spicy flavoured sauce on top. Mild enough to not overpower the chicken.

Beef  Pie
Nice Strong beef flavour. Pity about the sharp bone fragment I bit down onto.

Pork Spare Rib Pie
This is my favourite pie of theirs. Big chunks of Pork, and I mean HUGE. A very sweet sauce. If you ever go to this pie shop, this is one you need to try. Damn, another pie with a bone fragment in it as well... this is so out of character.

Lamb Pie
A nice caserole of lamb, carrot, onion.  Plus a big twig from something, that wasn't supposed to be in there. This one had a big bone chunk in it as well, which is a shame. I've never had this happen before from there, so three out of five pies in one visit is really bad. Maybe they were a bit rushed preparing them today.

Rabbit Pie Pie
A limited edition pie for Easter, so I had to try it out.  I had to wait several minutes for the latest batch to finish cooking, but it was worth it. It wasn't the best tasting pie, but was interesting. The rabbit meat isn't as tender as normal meats, so this pie was more gravy than meat chunks (that their regular pies are more famous for). The bitey mushrooms also help hide the taste of rabbit, while the gravy itself seems very thick, as if it has mashed potato mixed through it.

With this visit having an unusually high amount of bones and twigs in the pies, I still recommend them if you are in the Mt Gravatt area of Brisbane (it's right on Logan Road).  I've never had a problem before, and have been back there since this review, with nothing wrong that time either. I just had to be objective and report the good and bad.
To me they are still the best pies I've ever had.  (the sausage rolls are a bit dry and flaky though)

Okay, so I went back on the Easter Monday, to grab a few more, and report to the chef, the good and bad things of the ones I got two days earlier.
This time I bought four pies that had alcoholic ingredients to them... for a related theme.
I bought another of the Pork Spare Ribs pies (because it's my favourite), which has in the sauce Jack Daniels.
I also bought a Kilkenny Apple Pie, a Guinness Beef Pie, and a Lamb pie (which I have totally forgotten what liquor it had in it).
Below you can see what each actually looks like, with the desert pie on the left, and the two meat pies on the right.
The apple pie was to die for... with shortcrust pastry I think. So delicious.
While the two meat pies were a meal wrapped in pastry (as a good pie should be). Each had 4 or 5 vege chunks in with the meat and sauces, giving taste AND texture.  The pastry on the top was a bit too dry and flaky, but everything underneath was delicious. Each only had a subtle liquor taste to them too, which you could recognise, adding an extra dimension to the palette, without dominating or spoiling the fresh flavours of all the other chunky ingredients.
And the Pork pie had no bones in it either, so it was as good as the previous dozen times I've bought it. (yes, at least a dozen, it is that nice)

The best thing about these pies - they don't need tomato sauce or any other sauce.  A great pie is like a great cut of meat... it is too delicious on its own to be spoilt by an added sauce.
I could get very fat if this store was within walking distance to where I live... 

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