Sunday, 22 April 2012

Improving but less than 24 hours to cut-off to BotCon

The flight out to BotCon is about 39 hours away, but the cut-off for deciding if I should go is less than 24 hours away (during business hours Monday so that flights can be cancelled).

I am improving... but the cut-off is still almost a whole day before the flight, so I'd have to make a judgement call tomorrow based on how much I would think I'd improve during the remaining day.  And I have so much to do tomorrow before the flight, in case I go, I'm likely to wear myself out more than improve.
Not to mention the limitations during the trip, because I can't over-exert myself. Which means, minimal on-foot travelling (like toyhunting or touristy things), minimal eating (I have so many American food items I want to eat while over there), and limited heavy lifting (carrying around toys at the convention).
It means cutting back on a lot of reasons I go on these American-Transformers adventures each year, but if I can get there, I'll make the most of what I have left to work with.

Such drama... again. It's like it goes hand-in-hand with my BotCon adventures.
I guess it gives other people something amusing to read from my reports.

And this is the first BotCon since my Grandmother died, so all this expression of feelings and detailing of my adventure, is going to be different, because I won't be writing it specifically for her (a non-fan) to read and respond to later.
I just have to go back to the motivation of my early BotCons 10 years ago, of writing it for fellow fans.

Just got to get there first.

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