Friday, 20 April 2012

Pizza Hut Signature Pizzas part 2

Had a pizza craving, so went back to Pizza Hut to try 3 more of their Signature Pizzas, bringing up the total to 7 of the 14 on their menu.
Slowly working my way through their full selection.

Chicken & Bacon
A healthy serving of bacon, onion and tomato. Not much chicken, and I couldn't even taste the hollandaise sauce. Still, very refreshing from all the chunks of tomato and onion. 3/5

The Works
Huge chunks of beef, the occasional bits of other toppings (bacon, capsicum, spinach), leaving a lot of empty space on this one like a Dominos pizza.  Has a strong garlic taste though, which I like, but others might not. 3/5

BBQ Feast
Another one with huge beef chunks, which I love - a topping to chew into. Added to that are a trio of pork meats, with BBQ sauce and a Balsamic sauce, both for extra sweetness. 4/5

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