Sunday, 17 June 2012

First of the June Transformers

Now to catch up on the items that arrived during the first two weeks of June (as there are more in the mail that will arrive in the next week or two).

The first items to arrive for June was a few outstanding items.  One of which I didn't even realise existed, but would have bought it by now if I did.

In the middle is the latest of the Japanese Masterpiece toys - Starscream, with coronation cape and crown.

On the left is the JP Dark Nitro Convoy - a limited edition recolour of a toy I already had the two regular versions (see below).

And on the right is the white version of the JP Music Label Soundwave (an actual working MP3 Player).

Dark Nitro Convoy - I stumbled across this by accident last month while looking for Masterpiece Starscream, and after doing a bit of reading up on it (no thanks to the site, which has "Americanised" all the JP characters and info, to the point that many characters including this one, is no longer listed on their site), I decided to buy it. Below is a photo of the Dark (Decepticon) version with the two previous (Autobot) Versions.

Music Label Soundwave - This was also a toy I already had two other colour versions of, but in this instance, I never intended to buy all three.  I originally bought the blue one as a "Classic" version of Soundwave, and didn't want to waste the money on two "oddly coloured" versions. Then I found a fairly cheap black version and referred to it as Soundblaster (which I think was it's unofficial name anyway). But as with all loose ends with me, I had to complete the set... and the white version was on my mental list, but never added to my written list (as it was low priority).
These are the three...

I have more photos of the MP Starscream to post up as well, but I haven't transformed it to jet mode yet, so will wait until I do that first.

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