Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My BotCon 2008 report is back online

Back when I had a server host with minimal storage space, I had to remove my BotCon reports before uploading another one, as they were just soooo huge with all the photos and info.
Moving to a new server host a couple years ago, I never re-uploaded my old reports, because I wanted to update them first and maybe even create an archive, or reference/index page of the major details & pictures.

While the last BotCon is still fresh in my mind (and having a short break after spending 2-3 weeks doing it), I've been inspired to update (overhaul the layout) the recent ones that are still on my server, plus, to start adding in previous ones that weren't currently online.

So the last three have been sitting on the current server, and last week I updated and transferred across from the old server the 2009 report.  Yesterday I finished overhauling the 2008 report and also updated it to my server.

The links...

2012 - Dallas, Texas

2011 - Pasadena, California

2010 - Orlando Disney, Florida

2009 - Pasadena, California

2008 - Cincinnati, Ohio

I'll overhaul and upload the 2007 report next, because it was completed, but I'm a bit stuck as to what to do after that. That's because I wasn't at the 2006 convention (so would only be able to post up what I got from other fansites), and I didn't complete the 2005 or 2004 reports due to posting everything on our new messageboard (I left it for later, but never got around to it).  The reports before that (1999-2003) would also need the most extensive work to overhaul, as I was more fan than reporter back then.
Maybe I might do the index after the 2007 report, to see if it makes it easier.

If you find any images missing, or links within the reports not working, please let me know.

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  1. I've just been reading through some of your posts, great coverage! I may have actually met you in Pasadena '11 but I'm not sure. You've got a fellow Cinnamon Toast Crunch lover here, although I don't eat it much anymore for health reasons.