Sunday, 17 June 2012

May Transformers items

I can't believe I didn't post up my May items. I thought I had, and now looking over my recent postings, I can see why I was mistaken.
The late BotCon 2012 postings included in my Haul photos, the items I got in May (10 BotShots, 2 JP United toys).  And aside from the Collector Club Runamuck Toy, those were the only toys I got in May.
Then with me working on a small reorganising of the collection and overhauling/uploading recent BotCon Reports, I just totally lost track of what toys I was showing off.

So before I post up my June items, here's a quick look at the May toys.
When I returned home from BotCon on the 2nd of May, a box was waiting for me at the Post Office.  In it was:
Wave 2 single-pack BotShots (Mirage, Ratchet, Brawl, chase Bumblebee)
Wave 1 of the 3-packs (Sentinel Prime, Bumblebee, Prowl, Megatron, Nemesis Prime, Acid Storm)
and two JP United toys ((Gen2 Combat Hero) Megatron, Autobot Axalon)

Then around the middle of May I got this year's Membership figure - Runamuck.  Which is now with Runabout/Overrun, on the 2012 Club/BotCon shelf:

On the right, the white car is Runamuck, the black robot behind it is Runabout/Overrun.

I also grabbed some non-toy items that were on clearance at Kmart (still trying to get rid of all their Movie merchandise from last year)...

Some colour markers, a pencil case, a notepad & postit pad, shiny stickers, erasers, and puffy stickers.
Now I don't know if I want to use them, or store them away...

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