Sunday, 24 June 2012

KFC Popcorn Chicken Melts

These aren't a new concept (they've had them before), but they are simple, light (lighter than a burger), tasty snack.
Each has Popcorn Chicken (like mini nuggets), diced tomato, grated cheese, and one of two sauces - BBQ or Chilli.  I found a shred of lettuce in one, but I think it might just be contamination, not intentional. 
Actually, that's what's missing from these - a crunchy element.  Lettuce, or better yet, onion... because the "toasted" wrap isn't crunchy enough. (especially by the time you get it home and it is all soft again).

 Above are how they looked when I got them home (very thin, flat, almost looked like there wasn't anything in them). Below is what the two varieties look like cut open. Chilli on the left, BBQ on the right.  They do have look to have a decent amount of filling, but nothing near the amount in the promo pics... and no where near what $6 (each) should be giving you.

The sweeter one.  This one is the better one for the general public. There's actually not much you can say about these, as there are only 3 fillings and a sauce... with the sauce being the dominant flavour, making the rest being just texture. 3/5

This has the sauce used on the zinger burger, so has a small kick when you swallow, and the sauce hits the sensitive part of the back of the throat.  More of an acquired taste, but still a decent combination. 2/5

They are about $6.30 each, so are really poor value. They are so small that they are gone in about 10 seconds.
If they were just $2 or $3 each, I'd give them an extra point.
The promo images show them stuffed full like Tacos, but the actual product (as you could see in the photos above) looked more like ravioli, as they were only half full, and the round edge of the tortilla/flat-bread was sealed (like ravioli).

On a side note, while I was there getting these this morning (at about 11am), I saw on the menu board a "Family Burger Box", but it said that it was only available after 4pm.  I asked why. They said it was because it takes too much time to prepare, so need to do it in the evening when they have more staff.  I was the only customer there at that time, so they weren't busy, but said that they would get in trouble if they sold one before 4pm.

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