Sunday, 17 June 2012

Second lot of June Transformers

Okay, the second batch of Transformers for June.

Not a huge amount, but just a couple items from a quick trip to Carindale Westfield.

On the right is a Remote Controlled Bumblebee car (a loose end, not a high priority item), in the middle is a TF3 alarm clock (I need a new one), and on the left are Capsule figurines.

The Remote Controlled car is one of four released around the second Movie (2009-2010). The first two (small Bumblebee and Optimus) were fairly widely released.  The second pair (big Bumblebee and Barricade) were not as easy to find.  Bumblebee was only ever found at David Jones here (probably elsewhere, but no one reported it), while Barricade was not released here at all.  I was lucky enough to find Barricade last year in America, but neither was fairly well released in America (that I could see).
Since this one was so hard to find online, I was forced to buy it locally, at the hefty DJs price ($60 - compared to the US price of US$30). They had a pair sitting there for over a year (it was released in 2010), so I kept waiting until they'd drop the price on it.  They never did, and I missed a 20-30% off sale they had a couple months ago... so decided to just get the darn thing and be done with it.
These are the four Movie RC vehicles...

And just next to the smaller 2009 Bumblebee (which I thought was just a size-changed mould, but is indeed a different sculpt).  The controllers are obviously a lot different... and the bigger vehicles didn't do any sound effects, making the smaller pair a lot better.

The capsules were at a BigW, which were something people were finding at chemists and Caltex.
There are twelve in the set, blind-packed into plastic capsules, with a random sticker & jelly beans.
When I saw the case of 12 at BigW, I grabbed the entire case hoping that I'd get all 12 figurines, or at the very least, most of them.
Unfortunately, that didn't happen.
Of the 12 capsules, I only got 6 different ones, and only 3 different characters of the five available.
The case...

And opened, as it appeared at the store...

An example of what was inside one capsule...

And the total 12 figurines I got from the master case...

See, not a single darn Shockwave or Sentinel Prime, which were the two I wanted most because they were the ones that were new to TF3, so were more interesting than the three characters that had been around for the last 5 years.

And while I was there at BigW I saw a cheapish looking clock, which I need (have been relying on my phone for the last couple months).

Oh, and I "found" this Kre-O shelf-strip while at Carindale as well, to add to my collection...

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