Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My BotCon 2007 Report is now back online

Completely overhauled, this one took a week to redo... and there are still a lot of sections I didn't re-read because of how time-consuming (distracting) it was getting.

I had to change (retrofit) the format to match the format of the 5 after this one, for familiarity, and to work with later when I do up an index page for the entire Archive.

The 2007 trip was one of the more interesting of my BotCons, as it was the first one that incorporated other tourist things on the way... with a 2 day stay in New York, thanks to a friend of mine (from Melbourne) I was staying with while over there.  Normally I don't have the extra money or time off work, and usually I'd be too worried about organising it and stuffing it up. This was at least the push I needed, and since it worked so well, it inspired me to try to work it into later trips if it were possible.

Here's the link to the 2007 Adventure.

The next one I do up might be a while, because I didn't go to 2006 (so have to create something from online sources), and both 2004 & 2005 were never completed (so require a lot of work to finish), while 2003 and earlier were done in a very small, simple format that will require extensive overhauling before I can upload them and use them.

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