Tuesday, 19 June 2012

JP Kero Starscream

This was something I got at BotCon, and looks like a Knock-Off...

This was one of those items that was not high on my priority list... and probably wasn't even on my written priority list. But then again, I like getting the "worst" in my collection, just to show the spectrum of good to bad over the history of Transformers.  When I saw one at BotCon from one of the two regular Japanese dealers, and saw it was only about US$20-30, I thought to myself, why not.  It'd be a good talking point, trying to explain it when people see it.
I paid the guy and wandered off with the toy in a red box (in the pic above), only to be chased up by him because I was supposed to get the "magazine" with it (the glossy thing with all the Japanese writing on it).  It was lucky that he did, because inside was a sticker sheet to customise the toy with.

That's right, it doesn't have to stay plain green & yellow (that looks so much like a cheap Chinese KO). The sticker sheet gives you 3 sets of stickers - flame deco, anime girls deco, and plain white stickers to draw your own artwork.

I chose the flame deco, because the anime girls deco seemed a bit too weird... and I'm no good at drawing to create my own sticker art.

It certainly makes the plain green deco look a little less like a fake/Knock-Off.

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