Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 3

Today it's Display Case 3, containing 1989 to 1991 (Micromasters, Actionmasters) and 1992 to 1995 European Transformers.

Top of case - Empty packaging

Shelf 1 - Original Series - year six (1989) Micromaster Autobots and Decepticons = 36

Autobots -
Countdown, Groundshaker,
Hot House, Ironworks, Erector, Overload,
Off Road Patrol - Highjump, Mudslinger, Powertrain, Tote,
Race Car Patrol - Free Wheeler, Roadhandler, Swindler, Tailspin,
Battle Patrol - Big Shot, Flak, Sidetrack, Sunrunner,
Rescue Patrol - Fixit, Red Hot, Seawatch, Stakeout.
Decepticons -
Skystalker, Skyhopper,
Airwave, Greasepit, Flattop, Roughstuff,
Air Strike Patrol - Nightflight, Storm Cloud, Tailwind, Whisper,
Sports Car Patrol - Blackjack, Detour, Hyperdrive, Road Hugger.

Shelf 2 - Original Series - year seven (1990) Micromaster Autobots and Decepticons, and Japanese Micromasters (1990-1992) = 85 (still collecting)

Autobots -
Full-Barrel, Overflow,
Retro, Surge, Pipeline, Gusher,
Air Patrol - Blaze Master, Eagle Eye, Sky High, Tread Bolt,
Construction Patrol - Crumble, Groundpounder, Neutro, Takedown,
Hot Rod Patrol - Big Daddy, Greaser, Hubs, Trip-Up,
Monster Truck Patrol - Big Hauler, Heavy Tread, Hydraulic, Slow Poke,
Astro Squad - Barrage, Heave, Moonrock, Missile Master, Phaser, Blast Master,
Metro Squad - Oiler, Slide, Strikedown, Power Run, Wheel Blaze, Road Burner.
Decepticons -
Blackout, Spaceshot,
Terror-Tread, Cement-Head,
Military Patrol - Bombshock, Dropshot, Growl, Tracer,
Race Track Patrol - Barricade, Ground Hog, Motorhead, Roller Force,
Battle Squad - Direct-Hit, Power Punch, Fireshot, Vanquish, Meltdown, Half-Track,
Constructor Squad - Grit, Knockout, Sledge, Hammer, Stonecruncher, Excavator.
Japanese Micromasters - (not enough room on Japanese shelf)
(Sports Car Patrol) - (Blackjack, Detour, Hyperdrive, Road Hugger)
Sixliner (original) - Aran, Joe, Leaf, Night, Spark. (Dego missing)
Sixwing (original) - Chaingun, Missile Run, Raker, Supersonic, Flaker, Falcon.
Sixliner (reissue) - Aran, Dego, Joe, Leaf, Night, Spark.
Sixturbo (reissue) - Road Police, Glide, Circuit, Neo-Wheel, Discharge, Sireen.
Trailers x 3
(looking for a lot of other Japanese exclusive Micromasters)

Shelf 3 - Original Series - year seven/eight (1990-1991) Actionmaster Autobots = 24

1990 Autobots -
Blaster, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Inferno, Jackpot (with Sights), Jazz, Kick-Off, Mainframe (with Push-Button), Rad (with Lionizer), Rollout (with Glitch), Skyfall (with Top-Heavy), Snarl (with Tyrannitron), Over-Run, Prowl, Optimus Prime, Sprocket, Wheeljack.
1991 Autobots (European) -
Powerflash (with Roadrocket), Sideswipe (with Vanguard), Tracks (with Basher),
Circuit, Rumbler,
Elite - Omega Spreem, Windmill.

Shelf 4 - Original Series - year seven/eight (1990-1991) Actionmaster Decepticons = 17

1990 Decepticons -
Banzai-Tron (with Razor-Sharp), Devastator (with Scorpulator), Krok (with Gatoraider), Shockwave (with Fistfight), Soundwave (with Wingthing), Treadshot (with Catgut),
Axer, Starscream, Gutcruncher, Megatron.
1991 Decepticons (European) -
Bombshell (with Needler), Charger (with Firebeast), Take-Off (with Screech),
Thundercracker, Slicer,
Elite - Double Punch, Turbomaster.

Shelf 5 - European Transformers (1992) Autobots and Decepticons = 25

Autobots -
Motorvators - Gripper, Lightspeed, Flame
Turbomasters - Thunderclash, Rotorstorm, Hurricane, Scorch, Flash, Boss,
Rescue Force - "Killbison", "Leozak", "Drillhorn", "Jaguar" (no official names given to these four - original Japanese names listed here).
Decepticons -
Predators - Skyquake, Stalker, Falcon, Snare, Talon, Skydive,
Constructicons - Bonecrusher, Hook, Mixmaster, Long Haul, Scavenger, Scrapper (not able to combine - no combiner parts)

Shelf 6 - European Transformers (1993-1995) Autobots and Decepticons = 22

1993 Autobots -
Obliterator - Pyro,
Lightformers - Deftwing, Ironfist,
Aquaspeeders - Jetstorm, Speedstream, Aquafend, Deluge.
1993 Decepticons -
Obliterator - Clench,
Trakkons - Fearswoop, Calcar,
Stormtroopers - Hydradread. Aquablast, Drench, Rage.
1995 Autobots -
Power Masters - Ironhide, Meanstreak,
Blaze, Sizzle.
1995 Decepticons -
Power Masters - Staxx, Bulletbike,
Flamefeather, Sparkstalker.


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