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My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 7

Today it's Display Case 7, with a variety of small lines (Machine Wars from 1997, Animorphs from 1999, Tonka Transformers from 2001-2002, and Playskool Gobots from 2002-2005), and then the start of the Unicron Trilogy (Armada from 2002).

Top of case - US Happy Meal toys (Beast Wars, Beast Wars Transmetals, Beast Machines), JP SCF Micron Legend (ACT 9 & 10), Armada Boardgame Figurines = 0 (toys)
Beast Wars US Happy Meal Figurines (1997) - Rhino, Manta Ray, Panther, Beetle, Lion Head,
Beast Wars Transmetals toys (1998) - Scorponok, Blackarachnia, Dinobot.
Beast Machines US Happy Meal Figurines (1999) - Thrust, Blackarachnia, Optimus Primal, Megatron, Rattrap, Jetstorm, Nightscream, Cheetor.
JP SCF Micron Legend (ACT 9) - Convoy (Optimus), Megatron, Starscream, Ratchet (Red Alert), Iron Hide (Demolishor), Hot Rod (Hot Shot), Chase: Seibertronian Megatron. (missing - Chase: Seibertronian Convoy (Optimus))
JP SCF Micron Legend (ACT 10) - Super Mode Convoy (Optimus), Devastar (Scavenger), Bumble (Perceptor), Grap (Smokescreen), Doubleface (Sideways), Sandstorm (Cyclonus), Chase Seibertronian Ratchet (Red Alert), Chase Convoy & Star Saber (Optimus).
Armada Boardgame Figurines - Optimus Prime, Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen, Demolishor, Cyclonus, Starscream, Megatron.

Shelf 1 - 1997 Machine Wars (Autobots and Decepticons) and 1999 Animorphs = 25

Machine Wars Autobots -
Optimus Prime,
Hoist, Hubcap, Mirage, Prowl.
Machine Wars Decepticons -
Megaplex, Megatron, Skywarp, Thundercracker.
Ultra - Visser3/Andelite, Tri-Rex (Cassie, Jake, Marco).
Mega - Ax/Scorpion, Visser Three/Inferno Creature, Tobias/Hawk,
Deluxe - Rachel/Lion, Jake/Tiger, Tobias/Hawk, Cassie/Wolf, Marco/Gorilla, Jake/Grizzly Bear, Ax/Panther, Marco/Beetle.

Shelf 2 - Playskool Big Adventures (2002) & Playskool Transformers Go-Bots (2003) = 19

Series 1 (2002) - Playskool Big Adventures (blue/yellow packaging & Autobot Symbols) -
Basic - Cheetor (cheetah), Gorillabot (gorilla), Mototron (black car), Speedbot (red car),
Mega - Aerobot (blue jet).
Series 2 (2002-2003) - Transformers Go-Bots (yellow packaging & Autobot Symbols) -
Basic - Aero-Bot II (blue/white/orange car), Beast-Bot II (blue/purple cheetah), Buzzer-Bot (wasp), Dino-Bot (green dinosaur), Fire-Bot (fire chief car), Prowl-Bot (police car - 1 blue eye), Reptron (orange dinosaur), Strong-Bot (orange bulldozer),
Deluxe - Mirage-Bot (blue/red F-1 car w/ blue driver, blue dog), Speed-Bot II (red F-1 car w/ red driver, yellow gas pump)
Mega - Silverbolt (grey jet with pink - first release), Silverbolt (grey jet, no pink - 2nd US release & JP version)
Exclusives -
Basic - Prowl-Bot (police car - 2 red eys - Kmart & JP excl),

Shelf 3 - Tonka Transformers (2001-2002), Large Playskool Go-Bots Series 3 (2004) = 10

Tonka Transformers -
2001 - Rescue Roy (firetruck),
2002 (1-2-3 Transformers) - Policeman Pete (blue car), Firemarshal Mike (red car), Airlift Andy (red helicopter), Charlie Chopper (orange helicopter).
Playskool Transformers -
Series 3 (2003/04) - Go-Bots (orange packaging & Go-Bot Symbol) -
Deluxe - Aerobot Racer (blue/orange F-1 Car w/ orange driver & blue gas pump), Speed-Bot Racer (red car w/ purple driver & red gas pump),
Mega - Aero-Bot (metallic blue jet),
Ultra - Speed-Bot Dragster (red dragster),
Super - Hauler-Bot (truck & trailer/turtle/pteradactyl).
(missing Deluxe Speed-Bot - it is identical to Series 2 version but with a Go-Bots symbol, so isn't worth hunting down)

Shelf 4 - Small & medium size Playskool Go-Bots Series 3 & exclusives (2004) = 12

Series 3 (2003/04) - Go-Bots (torange packaging & Go-Bot Symbol) -
Basic - Buzzer-Bot (motorcycle), Flash-Bot (blue pickup), Scrap-Bot (green bulldozer), Strong-Bot (yellow dumptruck), Beast-Bot (blue face gorilla), Cop-Bot (blue police car), Reptron (black dinosaur), Tigertron (orange tiger),
Mega - Silver-Bot (metallic silver jet), Aerobot Flying Fists (blue jet w/ fists), Silver-Bot Flying Fists (grey jet w/ fists),
Exclusives -
Basic - Randy (green steamroller - JP exclusive)
Basic w/ Video - Speed-Bot (red car - minor redeco of series 1 version)
(missing European Exclusive Basic Cheetor - it is identical to Series 1 version but with a Go-Bots symbol, so isn't worth hunting down)

Shelf 5 - Playskool Go-Bots Series 4 (2005) = 14

Series 4 (2004/2005) - Transformers Go-Bots (green packaging & Go-Bots Symbol) -
Basic -
Secret Shield (wave 1) - Beast-Bot Dinosaur (purple dinosaur), Buzzer-Bot Convertible (green convertible), Speed-Bot Race (red sports car), Strong-Bot All Terrain (yellow dune buggy),
Secret Shield (wave 2) - Cop-Bot Motorcycle (blue motorcycle), Gorilla-Bot (black gorilla), Speed-Bot Muscle Car (red muscle car), Strong-Bot Pick-Up Truck (yellow pickup),
Invisibility Force (translucent parts) - Fire-Bot Rescue Car (fire chief car), Preditron Wolf (blue wolf), Racer-Bot Beta Roadster (purple hot rod), Strong-Bot Cement Mixer (yellow cement truck),
Exclusives -
ToysRUs Basic - Aero-Bot (metallic blue car), Speed-Bot (metallic red car)
Still missing -
Basic Glow-Bot (light up electronic) - Buzzer-Bot (green wasp), Racer-Bot Beta (purple hot rod), Taxi-Bot (orange taxi), Truck-Bot (black monster truck),
Basic Invisibility Force (translucent parts) - Racer-Bot Alpha (blue muscle car), Reptron (blue dinosaur), Speed-Bot (red car), Strong-Bot (yellow dune buggy),
Deluxe (limited release, so only ended up in Europe) - Fast-Bot (yellow F-1 car w/ yellow driver & red gas pump), Mototron Racer (black car w/ light green driver & gas pump), Speed-Bot Racer (red race car w/ dark green driver & gas pump)

Shelf 6 - Large Armada Autobots & Decepticons (Mid 2002 to End 2003) = 14

Autobots -
Maxcon/Mega - Red Alert, Powerlinx Red Alert, Scavenger, Overload.
Gigacon/Ultra - Jetfire, Powerlinx Jetfire,
Decepticons -
Maxcon/Mega - Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, JP Starscream
Gigacon/Ultra - Megatron, Galvatron, Tidalwave, JP Shockwave (Tidalwave).

TOTAL FOR DISPLAY CASE = 80 (plus 39 figurines)

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