Monday, 7 December 2015

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 9

Today it's Display Case 9, with the rest of the Unicron Trilogy, which has the rest of the Energon and all of Cybertron, including Japanese editions (2003-2008), as well as American redecos from 2010-2011.

Top of case - End 2003 to Early 2005 - Large Energon Autobots and Decepticons, Roleplay weapons and Store Exclusives, plus JP 2010 Anniversary and US Movie 25th Anniversary = 12

Energon Supreme class -
Unicron, Omega Supreme, Omega Sentinel

Energon Roleplay weapons -
Optimus Prime Gun, Megatron Sword.

Energon Costco Exclusive -
Optimus Prime (yellow), Sparkplug (gold), Overload, Rollout,

JP 2010 Anniversary exclusive -
Unicron w/ Bug, Primus

US Amazon 25th Movie exclusive (2011) -
Unicron w/ Kranix

Shelf 1 - Mid 2005 to End 2006 - Small Cybertron Autobots = 55

Deluxe -
Hot Shot, Landmine, Red Alert, Override, Blurr, Longrack, Snarl, Cybertron Defense Hot Shot, Downshift, Crosswise, Smokescreen, Optimus Prime (deluxe), Optimus (ape),

Basic -
Overhaul, Scattorshot, Clocker, Armorhide, Brakedown, Backstop, Swerve, Repugnus, Excellion, Override GTS, Brakedown GTS, Hightail,

Legends -
Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, Evac, Jetfire, Leobreaker, Cybertron Defense Red Alert, Vector Prime, (dark) Optimus Prime, (red) Hot Shot

2-pack MiniCons (Vs Decepticon Minicons) -
Air Defence Team - Tankor, Steamhammer, Thunderblast,
Exploration Team - Monocle, Ascentor, Landslide,
Council of Sages - Scythe, Checkpoint, Anti-Blaze,
Street Action Team - Grindor, Highwire, Sureshock,

3-pack Minicons -
Recon Team - Jolt, Six Speed, Reverb,
Atreet Speed Team - Oval, Spiral, Backtrack,
Shadow Recon Team - Reverb, Jolt., Six Speed,

Partner MiniCons -
Safeguard (from Vector Prime), Drillbit (from Quickmix), Stripmine (from Metroplex), Safeguard (from Galaxy Force Vector Prime).

Shelf 2 - Mid 2005 to End 2006 - Small Cybertron Decepticons = 45

Deluxe -
Thundercracker, Dirt Boss, Buzzsaw, Runamuck, Sideways, Cannonball, Skywarp, Thunderblast, Brimstone, Unicron, Demolishor, Megatron.

Basic -
Undermine, Ransack, Hardtop, Brushguard, Wreckloose, Swindle, Lugnutz, Scrapmetal (red), Shortround, Ransack GTS, Scrapmetal (yellow),

Legends -
Scourge, Megatron, Starscream, Galvatron, Soundwave, Sunstorm, Thundercracker,

2-pack MiniCons (Vs Autobot Minicons) -
Sky Attack Team - Shockwave, Razorclaw, Skylynx,
Lunar Assault Team - Scattorbrain, Payload, Kobushi,
Sky Terror Team - Ramjet (MiniCon), Sunstorm (MiniCon), Thrust,
Deep Space Team - Backblast, Blastcharge, Scrap Iron,

3-pack Minicons -
Giant Planet Team - Longarm, Deepdive, Overcast,

Partner Minicons -
Laserbeak (from Soundwave), Heavyload (from Menasor),

Shelf 3 - Mid 2005 to End 2006 - Large Cybertron Autobots and Decepticons = 8

Autobots -
Supreme - Cybertron Primus (w/ Unicron Head)
Leader - Optimus Prime, Galaxy Force Optimus Prime, Metroplex,

Decepticons -
Supreme - Starscream
Leader - Megatron, Galvatron

Shelf 4 - Mid 2005 to End 2006 - Medium Cybertron Decepticons = 12

Ultra -
Skyshadow, Scourge, Cryo Scourge, Menasor, Dark Scorponok.

Voyager -
Starscream (red), Crumplezone, Dark Crumplezone, Nemesis Breaker, Soundwave, Mudflap.

JP Galaxy Force -
Starscream (white).

Shelf 5 - Mid 2005 to End 2006 - Medium Cybertron Autobots, JP Galaxy Force (2005-2008), US Exclusives (2010-2011) = 24

Ultra -
Wingsaber, Cybertron Defense Red Alert, Jetfire,

Voyager -
Vector Prime, Galaxy Force Vector Prime, Quickmix, Evac, Leobreaker, Cybertron Defense Scattorshot.

US Exclusives -
Autobots -
Backstop (Rhino - various US stores),
Drivetrain (White Car - various US stores), Swashplate (Helicopter - various US stores)
Decepticons -
Break Neck (Red SUV - various US stores), Pan Handler (Construction Vehicle - various US stores).

JP Galaxy Force exclusives -
Soundblaster, Hell Buzzsaw.
Black Fangwolf, Dark Nitro Convoy,
Ramble (blue), Gasket (Police/Patrol Type),
EZ 3-pack - Megatron, Convoy, Starscream.
Boss Coffee Microns - Seawave, Kuredon,
(still missing - Sonic Convoy 3-pack - Convoy, Sonic Bomber, Coby Ramble)


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