Friday, 4 December 2015

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 6

Today's Display Case (number 6) contains the rest of the Beast Era (Japanese Neo & Metals and Beast Machines), plus the next chapter of Transformers - Robots in Disguise (well, the first time Hasbro used that name on a Transformers series).

Top of case - Large JP Beast Wars Neo, large JP Car Robots, and large Beast Machines. (and Golden Disks) = 5
JP Beast Wars II (1998) -
Gigatron, Roleplay Cannon, Tako Tank, Spaceship Beast Machines Maximals -
Supreme Cheetor
Car Robots -
Brave Maximus (2001)

Shelf 1 - Japanese Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo & Beast Wars Metals (1999) = 29

1998 Beast Wars II -
Hellscream, Max B, Dirge Gun, Thrustol,
1999 BW Neo Cybertrons -
Big Convoy, Longrack, Heinrad, Sharpedge, Mach Kick, Survive, Corhada, Break, Stampy, Bump, Drillnuts, Randy.
1999 BW Neo Destron -
Hardhead, Dead End, Archadis, Saberback, Sling, Crazybolt, Guildart.
1999 BW Metals Destron -
Jaguar, Rattle (Jigsaw excl), Drancron, Elephorapha.
Kabaya figurines -
BW Metals Beast Convoy, Cheetus, Rattle, Rhinox

Shelf 2 - Late 1999 to Early 2001 - Beast Machines Maximals, Dinobots = 32

Maximals -
Supreme (2002 - ToysRUs) - Air Attack Optimus Primal,
Super - Primal Prime,
Ultra - Nightscream,
Mega - Cheetor, Blast Punch Optimus Primal, Rattrap,
Deluxe - Optimus Primal, Blackarachnia, Skydive, Snarl, Night Slash Cheetor, Beast Changer,
Basic - Night Viper, Silverbolt, Buzzsaw, Longhorn, Geckobot, Quickstrike, Hammerstrike, Battle Unicorn.
Dinobots -
Ultra - T-Wrecks,
Deluxe - Airraptor, Dinotron, Striker, Triceradon, Rapticon, Terranotron.
Beast Rider - Che (yellow), Che (blue)
Deployers - Dillo (blue), Mol (red), Rav (red),

Shelf 3 - Late 1999 to Early 2001 - Beast Machines Vehicons, Mutant Beasts, store exclusives, JP Beast Wars Returns (2005) = 30

Vehicons -
Ultra - Jetstorm,
Mega - Megatron, Tankor,
Deluxe - Blast Charge, Jetstorm, Thrust, Sonic Attack Jet, Strika,
Basic - Mirage, Scavenger, Obsidian, Tank Drone, Motorcycle Drone, Spy Streak.
Beast Riders - Mechatron (red), Mechatron (black)
Deployers - Dillo/Trench (blue), Rav/Chro (blue), Mol/Burro (green)
Target & JP exclusive -
Target - Magmatron (Destron BWII in Japan - BM Dinobot in US)
Target - Cryotek
Kaybee Toys - Megabolt Megatron
JP Beast Wars Returns -
Black Widow, Tankor, Strika, Thrust, Obsidian, Megatron, Noble Savage, Silverbolt.

Shelf 4 - Mid 2001 to mid 2002 - Robots in Disguise regular and store exclusive Autobots, Decepticons and Predacons = 33

Autobots -
Super - Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus,
Rail Racer - Midnight Express, Rail Spike, Rapid Run,
Deluxe - Prowl, Side Burn, X-Brawn,
Landfill - Grimlock, Heavyload, Hightower, Wedge,
2-packs - Skid-Z, Tow-Line,
Limited edition Autobot -
Walmart 2-pack - Sideways (vs Axer)
Decepticons/Predacons -
Ultra - Megatron, Galvatron,
Mega - Sky Byte,
Deluxe - Bruticus,
3-pack - Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, Slapper,
Ruination - Mega Octane, Armorhide, Movor, Rollbar, Ro-Tor,
2-packs - Skyfire, Wind Sheer,
Basic - Obsidian,
Spychanger - Scourge.
Limited edition Decepticons/Predacons -
Target - Cryotek,
ToysRUs - Scourge,
Walmart 2-pack - Axer (vs Sideways)
Kaybee - Megatron Megabolt.

Shelf 5 - 2002 - Small Robots in Disguise Autobots & JP Car Robots = 31

Robots in Disguise Autobots -
Deluxe - Prowl (supercharged), Side Burn (supercharged), X-Brawn (supercharged), Storm Jet,
3-pack - Mirage GT, Nightcruz, Scavenger,
Basic - Optimus Prime (basic), Ultra Magnus (basic).
Spychangers - X-Brawn, Ironhide, Mirage, REV, Hot Shot, WARS, Crosswise, Daytonus, Side Burn, Prowl 2, Side Swipe,
Car Robots -
Clear Speed Brothers - Speedbreaker, Mach Alert, Wildride.
Spychangers - Super Artfire, Super Eagle Killer, Super WARS, Super Counter Arrow, Super Ox, Super X-Car,
Chase Spychangers - Artfire, Eagle Killer.


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