Friday, 11 December 2015

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 13

Today we continue the Classicverse with 2008-2009 Universe/25th Anniversary in Display Case 13, along with the 2012 HK Generations and the 2010-2011 Power Core Combiners. Plus an assortment of small Japanese lines from 2003-2006 - Micron/Micromaster combiner reissues, Choro-Q, Hybrid Style, and Worlds Smallest Transformers.

Top of shelf - Empty boxes, Attacktix, Meal Figurines = 4

Attacktix -
Starter Set - Skyblast (robot), Skyblast (jet), Overhaul, Dirtboss.

Meal Figures -
Armada - Megatron, Demolishor
Cybertron - Megatron, Jetfire
Animated - Ratchet, Starscream, Megatron
Prime - Starscream, Breakdown, Knockout

Shelf 1 - Universe series 2 Decepticons (2008) = 25

Leader size -

Voyager size -
Heavy Load w/ Drill Bit, Dropshot.

Deluxe size -
Tankor, Galvatron, Acid Storm,

Legends size -
Onslaught, Starscream, Megatron

Exclusives -
SDCC 2008 - Nemesis Prime,
HK Special Edition - SE-02 Megatron, SE-03 Decepticon Dragstrip, SE-04 Overkill.
Target comic pack - Ratbat (vs Springer), Dirge (vs Roadbuster)
Target Legends Aerial Rivals - Ramjet, Thrust (vs Skydive, Air Raid, Autobot Blades)
Target Legends Special Teams Leaders - Hun-Grrr, Razorclaw (vs Scattorshot, Silverbolt, Hot Zone)
Target Bruticus Maximus - Onslaught, Blast Off, Vortex, Swindle, Decepticon Brawl. (in Universe packaging)

Shelf 2 - Universe 25th Anniversary (2008-2009) = 31

Autobots -
Voyager - Alpha Trion w/ Safeguard, Treadbolt, Inferno, Overload,
Deluxe - Smokescreen, Cheetor, Hound, Hotspot w/ Jolt, Ratchet..
Legend - Beachcomber, Bumblebee, Brawn, Wheelie, Rodimus, Warpath, Cosmos.

Decepticons -
Ultra - Predacon Bruticus,
Deluxe - Dinobot, Starscream, Cyclonus.
Other - Ravage (from Hound)

Exclusives -
Target Voyager - Leo Prime
ToysRUs Ultra - Darkwing, Countdown
ToysRUs Ultra - Powerglide (red), Hardhead, Skyfall
HK Challenge at Cybertron - Rodimus, Cyclonus w/ Nightstick, Galvatron

Shelf 3 - HK Generations (2012) = 27

Autobots -
Leader - Ironhide
Voyager - Protectobot Hotspot,
Deluxe - Swerve, Cliffjumper, Springer, Wheelie
Scout - Sandstorm
Legends - Bluestreak, Hoist

Decepticons -
Leader - Starscream
Voyager - Megatron, Powerdive
Scout - Wildrider, Laserbeak, Decepticon Brawl,
Legion - Motorbreath, Thundercracker

Exclusives -
Ultimate Gift Set - Optimus Prime, Jazz, Thundercracker, Motormaster
Seeker Ace - Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp
Seeker Elite - Thrust, Ramjet, Dirge

Shelf 4 - Power Core Combiners (2010-2011) = 22

Autobots -
2-packs - Huffer w/ Caliburst, Searchlight w/ Backwind, Leadfoot w/ Pinpoint, Steelshot w/ Beacon, Heavy Tread w/ Groundspike, Salvage w/ Bomb-Burst
5-packs - Skyburst w/ Aerialbots, Double Clutch w/ Rallybots, Stakeout w/ Protectobots, Grimstone w/ Dinobots

Decepticons -
2-packs - Smolder w/ Chopster, Sledge w/ Throttler, Icepick w/ Chainclaw, Windburn w/ Darkray, Darkstream w/ Razorbeam, Skyhammer w/ Airlift, Undertow w/ Waterlog
5-packs - Bombshock w/ Combaticons, Mudslinger w/ Destructicons, Crankcase w/ Destrons, Steamhammer w/ Constructicons, Over-Run w/ Stunticons

Shelf 5 - JP Reissue Micromasters, Worlds Smallest Transformers, Hybrid Style, Choro-Q (2003-2006) = 73

Combiner Micromaster (reissues with different colours to the original series versions) -
(Black) Destron Reverse Evolution Sixturbo - Road Police, Glide, Circuit, Neo-Wheel, Discharge, Sireen.
(Red) Cybertron Rage Mode Sixtrain - Desire, Atlan, Raise, San Diego, Windy, Convertor.
(Green) Destron Devastar Sixbuilder - Crushbull, Granarm, Ironlift, Digger, Treader, Mixing.
(Coloured) Destron Sixbuilder - Crushbull, Granarm, Ironlift, Digger, Treader, Mixing.
(White) Destron Berzerker Sixwing - Chain Gun, Falcon, Flanker, Missile Run, Raker, Super Sonic.
(Coloured) Destron Sixwing - Chain Gun, Falcon, Flanker, Missile Run, Raker, Super Sonic.

Landcross reissue -
Black Cybertron version - Wing, Waver, Dash, Tacker, Mack, Tackle

Worlds Smallest Transformers -
Cybertron - Bumble, Convoy, Convoy trailer, Lambor, Cliff, Convoy (Anime), Prowl, Alert, Meister, Ultra Magnus, Streak, Hot Rodimus.
Destron - Skywarp, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Jaguar, Thrust, Thundercracker.
Exclusives - Megatron Vs Optimus Prime, Bumble (carded)

Hybrid Style -
THS-01 Galaxy Convoy
THS-02 Convoy
THS-02B Black Convoy

Choro-Q -
Regular - Megatron, Convoy, Rodimus
Metallic - Megatron, Convoy, Rodimus

TOTAL FOR DISPLAY CASE = 182 (plus 10 figurines)

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