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My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 8

Only a week in and still 30 Display Cases to go, we are already halfway through the history of Transformers (which was in 1999). It just goes to show how much product was pumped out in the last 10 years.
Today it's Display Case 8, featuring the rest of Armada (2002-2003) and half of Energon (2003-2005).

Top of case - Large Armada & Roleplay, Store Exclusive Armada (2002-2003), and JP Mega SCF Micron Legend (2002-2003) = 4

Armada -
Autobots - Optimus Prime (blue), Powerlinx Optimus Prime (red),
Decepticons - Unicron, Store Exclusive -
Kmart Exclusive - Optimus Prime (gold), Sparkplug. (rest of multi-pack was unchanged from regular versions, so did not collect)
Energon Costco Exclusive -
Optimus Prime (yellow), Sparkplug (gold), Overload, Rollout,
Roleplay weapons - Star Saber Sword, Dark Saber Sword.
JP Mega SCF - (08) 'Super Mode' Convoy, (09) Megatron, (10) Iron Hide, (11) Hot Rod
(missing - (12) Convoy w/ Star Saber, (13) Starscream)

Shelf 1 - Mid 2002 to End 2003 - Supercon/Deluxe Armada Autobots and Decepticons, and JP Micron Legend exclusives = 29

Autobots -
Roleplay - Laserbeak,
Hot Shot, Powerlinx Hot Shot (red),
Smokescreen, Blurr, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Hoist,
Airrazor, Rhinox, Cheetor.
Decepticons -
Cyclonus, Powerlinx Cyclonus (green),
Demolishor, Powerlinx Demolishor (red),
Thrust, Powerlinx Thrust (brown),
Sideways, Wheeljack, Nemesis Prime,
Terrorsaur, Predacon.
JP Micron Legends -
Powerlinx Thrust (red), Crystal Convoy, Rampage (Wheeljack), Hotrod (Hot Shot),
Partner Microns - Grid (from Shockwave), Sonic (from Starscream), Powerlinx Inferno (from Thrust), Spark Surge (from Crystal Convoy), Jolt (from Hotrod), Hawk (from Rampage).
MM-21 X-Dimension Emergency Microns - Drift, Prowl & Twist

Shelf 2 - Mid 2002 to End 2003 - Armada MiniCons = 52 (not counting partner minicons)

Partner Mini-Cons for Autobots -
Sparkplug (from Super Optimus), Longarm (from Red Alert), Jolt (from Hotshot), Liftor (from Smokescreen), Commettor (from Jetfire), Rollbar (from Scavenger), Incinerator (from Blurr), Over-run (from DLX Optimus), Nightbeat (from Side Swipe), Corona Sparkplug (from PL Optimus), Rollout (from Overload), Nightscream (from Airrazor), Refute (from Hoist), Ironhide (from Rhinox), Commettor (from PL Jetfire), Longarm (from PL Red Alert), Cliffjumper (from Cheetor), Jolt (from PL Hotshot),
Partner Mini-Cons for Decepticons -
Leader-1 (from Megatron), Swindle (from Starscream), Crumplezone (from Cyclonus), Blackout (from Demolishor), Crosswise (from Sideways), Rook (from Sideways), Clench (from Galvatron), Zap-Master (from Thundercracker), Inferno (from Thrust), Dead End (from Unicron), Ramjet (from Tidal Wave), Thunderclash (from Skywarp), Armorhide (from Terrorsaur), Windsheer (from Wheeljack), Side Burn (from Predacon), Skid-Z (from Predacon), Crumplezone (from PL Cyclonus), Inferno (from PL Thrust), Blackout (from PL Demolisor), Run Over (from Nemesis Prime),
Team Minicons -
Air Defense Team - Jetstorm, Runway, Sonar, (form Star Saber)
Land Assault Team - Bonecrusher, Knockout, Wreckage,
Street Action Team - Grindor, Highwire, Sureshock, (form Perceptor)
Destruction Team - Buzzsaw, Drillbit, Dualor,
Race Team - Dirt Boss, Downshift, Mirage, (form Skyboom Shield)
Adventure Team - Dune Runner, Iceberg, Ransack,
Space Team - Astroscope, Payload, Sky Blast, (form Requiem Cannon)
Street Speed Team - Backtrack, Oval, Spiral,
Air Assault Team - Jetstorm, Runway, Sonar, (form Dark Saber)
Night Attack Team - Fetch, Broadside, Scattor,
Sea Team - Stormcloud, Waterlog, Oceanglide,
Air Military Team - Thunderwing, Gunbarrel, Terradive,
Emergency Team - Makeshift, Prowl, Firebot,
Road Assault Team (redeco) - Dirtboss, Downshift, Mirage, (form Skyboom Shield)
Road Wrecker Team (redeco) - Buzzsaw, Drillbit, Duallor,
Emergency Team (redeco) - Firebot, Prowl, Makeshift,
Sea Team (redeco) - Oceanglide, Stormcloud, Waterlog.

Shelf 3 - End 2003 to Early 2005 - Energon large Autobots and Decepticons = 14

Autobots -
Super - Optimus Prime.
Mega - Wingsaber
Decepticons -
Super - Megatron, Galvatron,
Ultra - Tidal Wave, Scorponok,
Mega - Alpha Quintesson,
Store Exclusives -
Sams Club 2-pack - Prowl (mega), Starscream (mega)
ToysRUs 2-pack - Megatron (mega size)
JP Superlink -
Anniversary Convoy, Kicker w/ Star Saber
Galvatron General (mega size)
Megazarak (Scorponok)
JP Superlink Model Kits -
Super Convoy, Grand Scourge.

Shelf 4 - End 2003 to Early 2005 - Energon small and mid-size Decepticons = 33

Mega - Shockblast, Sixshot, Mirage, Dreadwing,
Deluxe - Rapid Run, Starscream, Energon Starscream, Demolishor, Sharkticon, Slugslinger,
Construction Team/Constructicon Maximus - Steamhammer, Sledge, Duststorm, Wideload, Bonecrusher,
Destruction Team/Bruticus Maximus - Barricade, Stormcloud, Kickback, Blight, Blackout,
Basic - Battle Ravage, Cruellock, Divebomb, Insecticon, Command Ravage, Doom-Lock,
Minicons - Dead End (from Unicron), Nightcruz (from Rapid Run), Nightscream (from Rapid Run), Ramjet (from Tidal Wave).
Store Exclusives -
KB Toys - Cyclonus, Crumplezone,
KB Toys - Demolishor, Blackout.
Sams Club - Zapmaster (from 2-pack Starscream)
JP Superlink -
Magma Dinobot, Forest Chromehorn, Cosmo Shadowhawk.

Shelf 5 - End 2003 to Early 2005 - Energon small Autobots = 36

Deluxe - Hot Shot, Energon Hot Shot, Inferno, Prowl, Rodimus, Downshift, Tow-Line, Roadblock,
Air Team/Superion Maximus - Stormjet, Treadshot, Skyshadow, Terrordive, Windrazor,
Mega 2-pack - Grimlock, Swoop,
Deluxe 2-pack - Highwire, Energon Kicker,
Basic - Skyblast, Strongarm, Energon Strongarm, Signal Flare, Arcee, Offshoot,
Minicons - Knock-Out (from Ultra Magnus), Rollbar (from Treadbolt),
Space Team - Astroscope, Payload, Sky Blast (packed with Ultra Magnus)
Energon Saber - Scattor, Skyblast, Wreckage,
Perceptor - Grindor, Highwire, Sureshock.
Store Exclusives -
Kmart SWAT Team 2-pack - Checkpoint (DLX), Prowl (DLX)
Sams Club - Longarm (from 2-pack mega Prowl)
ToysRUs 2-pack - Optimus Prime (DLX size)
JP Superlink -
Paradron Medic.

Shelf 6 - End 2003 to Early 2005 - Energon medium Autobots = 12

Mega Autobots -
Ironhide, Energon Ironhide,
Jetfire, Overcast,
Cliffjumper, Beachcomber,
Ultra Autobots -
Landmine, Landquake,
Bulkhead, Quickstrike,
Ultra Magnus, (as an "ultra" multi-pack)

TOTAL FOR DISPLAY CASE = 180 (plus 2 model kits & 4 Mega SCF)  

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