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My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 12

Today its the Display Case (12) that saw the start of the "classicverse", the first chapter of an ongoing "backup" series of toys aimed at the older collectors who would be more familiar with the homages, or prefer to buy them instead of the mainline of toys that's aimed more at the mainstream consumer or younger kids.
It started out as just a small 6 month filler line called Classics in 2006 (released as Henkei in Japan), that ended up spawning multiple toylines of that similar theme/style, with next year being 10 years since that "filler line" was released.
And for the Beast Wars fans, we also had a small 10th Anniversary toyline of redecos, with a bonus Transmutate figure.

Top of shelf - 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime. Universe Minicon multi-packs (2008-2009) = 24

25th Anniversary Optimus Prime - US edition Optimus Prime (with DVD), Non-US edition Optimus Prime (no DVD)

Minicon 12-pack - Backstop, Bodyblock, Knockdown, Heavytread, Makeshift, Flatfoot, Suppressor, Blight, Brimstone, Cloudraker, Boltflash, Skyhammer
Minicon 10-pack - Windrazor, Ransack, Stockade, Overcharge, Skyshadow, Scavenger, Longview, Snowcat, Treadshot, Crosshairs
(looking for Minicon 8-pack - Ironside, Barrol Roll, Iron Claw, Buckshot, Airlift, Heavy-Liftor, Dive Plane, Reachout)

Candy Heads - Optimus Prime, Megatron,

Shelf 1 - US Classics (2006-2007) Autobots and Decepticons = 46

Autobots -
Voyager - Optimus Prime, Jetfire,
Deluxe - Bumblebee, Rodimus, Mirage, Grimlock, Cliffjumper,
2-pack - Optimus Prime (vs Megatron), Ultra Magnus (vs Skywarp)
Legends - Fireflight, Leo Prime, Perceptor, Jetfire, Bumblebee, Whirl,
Minicons - Strongarm, Divebomb, Firebot, Terrorsaur, Knockdown, Swoop, Thunderwing, Steel Wind, Nightscream.

Decepticons -
Voyager - Megatron,
Deluxe - Astrotrain, Starscream, Ramjet,
2-pack - Megatron (vs Optimus Prime), Skywarp (vs Ultra Magnus)
Constructicon Maximus - Scavenger, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Hightower, Decepticon Scrapper,
Legends - Trypticon, Menasor,
Minicons - Wideload, Sledge, Broadside, Overbite, Snarl, Dreadwing, Oil Slick, Dirt Rocket, Grindor.

Shelf 2 - Beast Wars Anniversary figures (2006), JP Henkei & United Decepticons (2008-2012) = 31

Beast Wars -
Maximals - Cheetor, Rhinox, Dinobot, Rattrap, Optimus Primal,
Predacons - Waspinator, Tarantulas, Megatron,
Bonus - Transmutate, Axalon ship, Predacon ship.
JP Ultra 2-pack - Megatron, Optimus Primal

JP Henkei -
D-01 Megatron (Voyager)
D-02 Starscream (Deluxe)
D-03 Astrotrain (Deluxe)
D-04 Ramjet (Deluxe)
D-05 Destron Octone (Deluxe)
D-06 Galvatron (Deluxe)
D-07 Cyclonus (Deluxe)
C-13 Jaguar (Ravage) (from Hound)

Exclusives -
ToysRUs "USA Edition" - Onslaught
Gentei - Skywarp, Thundercracker, Thrust, Dirge,

United -
UN-20 Rumble & Frenzy (Basic)
UN-25 Tank Megatron (Deluxe)
UN-27 Wipe-Out (Basic)
UN-31 Beast Megatron (Deluxe)

Shelf 3 - Henkei & United Autobots (TakaraTomy) (2008- ) = 30

Henkei -
C-01 Convoy (Optimus) (Voyager)
C-02 Bumble (Bumblebee) (Deluxe)
C-03 Grimlock (Deluxe)
C-04 Ligier (Mirage) (Deluxe)
C-05 Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) (Deluxe)
C-06 Skyfire (Voyager)
C-07 Sunstreaker (Deluxe)
C-08 Prowl (Deluxe)
C-09 Lambor (Sideswipe) (Deluxe)
C-10 Streak (Bluestreak) (Deluxe)
C-11 Ironhide (Deluxe)
C-12 Cybertron Cheetus (Cheetor) (Deluxe)
C-13 Hound (Deluxe)
C-14 Ratchet (Deluxe)
C-15 Cybertron Inferno (Voyager)
C-16 Dinobot (Deluxe)
C-17 Cybertron Hot Rod (Hot Shot) w/ Jolt (Deluxe)
C-18 Minibot Attack Team (Legends) Beachcomber, Gong (Brawn), and Cliff (Cliffjumper)
C-20 Alert (Red Alert) (Deluxe)
C-21 Smokescreen (Deluxe)

Exclusives -
ToysRUs "USA Edition" - Silverbolt.
ToysRUs "USA Edition" - Powerglide.

United -
UN-12 Autobot Jazz (Deluxe)
UN-13 Autobot Tracks (Deluxe)
UN-19 Wheeljack (Deluxe)
UN-27 Windcharger (Basic)
UN-28 Axalon (Deluxe)
UN-30 Optimus Primal (Deluxe)

Shelf 4 - JP Henkei & United Exclusives (2008-2012) = 25

Autobots -
Strafe w/ Rocketbot
Electro Disruptor Ligier (Mirage)
JP 2010 Henkei Sons of Cybertron - Optimus Prime, Rodimus
Crystal Convoy
Ehobby Kup, Ehobby Rodimus, Ehobby Scrapheap.
Artfire w/ Nightstick & Sparks
Stepper w/ Nebulon

Decepticons -
Dark Skyfire
Ghost Starscream
Ehobby Galvatron, Ehobby Cyclonus, Ehobby Scourge,
Darkside Optimus Prime, Darkside Megatron.
(wanting Wildrider)

Targetmaster guns -
2011 - Caliburst, Haywire, Spoilsport, Recoil, Pinpointer (red)
2012 - Firebolt

Shelf 5 - Universe series 2 Autobots (2008) = 26

Leader -
Powerglide, Silverbolt.

Voyager -
Blaster w/ Blockrock, Blades,

Deluxe -
Sunstreaker, Prowl, Silverstreak, Ironhide, Sideswipe.

Legends -
Red Alert, Hound, Jazz, .

Exclusives -
HK Special Edition - SE-01 Optimus Prime,
Target Legends Aerial Rivals - Skydive, Air Raid, Autobot Blades (vs Ramjet, Thrust)
Target Legends Special Teams Leaders - Scattorshot, Silverbolt, Hot Zone (vs Hun-Grrr, Razorclaw)
Target comic pack - Springer (vs Ratbat), Roadbuster (vs Dirge)
Target - Superion - Silverbolt, Skydive, Air Raid, Airazor, Fireflight. (in Universe packaging)


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