Thursday, 17 December 2015

My 30 years of Transformers - Display Case 19 & 20

Today we reach the halfway point of the collection, and with that comes a break from the regular toy shelves, by featuring the Display Cases that contain non-toy Transformers things... plus, two new panorama photos of the two toy rooms.

First up, Display Case 19, which is a BigW store display for the 2011 Movie, which contains the three years of SDCC GIJoe Transformers (2011-2013) and empty packaging.
The Optimus truck store display is entirely cardboard, and Hasbro produced them for the various BigW stores around the country. I tried to secure one from four different stores, and only one store ended up contacting me to come and get it when the promotion was over. Unfortunately, this was a smaller BigW store, so they only had one Trailer portion - most stores had two, to give it a full trailer. (mine looks a bit like a deformed toy, like Botshots or Q-Transformers)

Front of case - SDCC GIJoe Transformers exclusives = 13

SDCC 2011 - Starscream deco Skystriker w/ Cobra Commander & mini Megatron.
SDCC 2012 - Shockwave deco HISS tank w/ Destro & BAT plus Energon cubes, Soundwave & 3 cassettes
SDCC 2013 - Jetfire deco Skystriker & Hound deco w/ Bludgeon, Snake Eyes & Baroness plus Ravage, Blaster & 3 cassettes

Table - TF2 RPM/Speed Stars tracksets (2009 - 2010), & mini pinball machine (2007), SDCC Ark foldout (2014), store shelf strips.

RPMs Devastator Showdown Trackset (2009), Gen1 Trainsets (US & Italian).

Speedstars Bumblebee Trackset (2010)

Gen1 3D Jigsaw Puzzles Ultra Magnus, Bluestreak & Strarscream.


Next is Display Case 20, which is actually two Display Cases, but since they only contain comics, CDs, DVDs, books and boardgames, it wasn't necessary to have them fully documented as separate Display Cases.

Top of display case - empty packaging.

DVDs - Movies, cartoon series.

Boardgames & puzzles

And finally for today, the two new panorama photos I took on the weekend.
These are small versions, as the full-size versions are rather large... but can be accessed here for Room 1, and here for Room 2.


Tomorrow it's back to toy Display Cases, with Convention & Club toys.  

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