Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 tally of Transformers in my collection

Inspired by HeroicDecepticon's tally posting, I wanted to see what my listing would look like for a single year.
According to my numbering system, I managed to acquire 454 Transformers "toys" in 2011, which would be my second highest annual total... behind 479 in 2008 (which was under a different counting method, so it remains an unofficial total until I ever eventually re-tally my collection). This gave me the final total of 3,465 in the collection.
I started the year at 3,011 Transformers toys (which includes action-figures, gimmick toys, and anything else that is intended to be used as a toy - which excludes figurines), and after a very slow start of only 50 odd toys in the first four months, it wasn't until BotCon mid-year that the toys started coming in. So the first third of the year had only 10% of my acquisitions, while the other 90% were in the other two thirds of the year.

Power Core Combiners Skyhammer w/ Airlift
Reveal the Shield Legends Megatron, Starscream, Gold Bumblebee.
Generations Thundercracker, Skullgrin, Cliffjumper.
Reveal the Shield Voyager Strafe, Lugnut.
Mighty Muggs Prowl (not part of count).

Tomy Figurines (7 of 8 - last one bought later in the year) (not part of count) Optimus, Megatron, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Starscream, Blackout, Brawl.
Reveal the Shield Legends Trailcutter/Trailbreaker, Prowl.
Reveal the Shield Voyager Solar Storm Grappel/Grapple.
Reveal the Shield Deluxe Wreckgar, (Gen2) Optimus Prime, Perceptor, Bumblebee.
(RtS was such a wasted opportunity - the rubsigns could have been a regular feature, not a short-lived gimmick that ruined the toys themselves by hiding their allegiances and not having actual allegiance symbols on the toys.
TRU Exclusive Rampage among the Ruins (Rampage, Ravage, Bumblebee) Such ugly redecos.

Human Alliance Mudflap w/ Chromia & Agent Simmons
War For Cybertron Legends Starscream (UK computer game exclusive, acquired from a South Australian collector)
Power Core Combiners Stakeout w/ Protectobots, Crankcase w/ Destrons.

MP9 Rodimus Prime
Autobot Alliance Voyager (blue) The Fallen, Battle Blades Optimus, Highbrow  (from BBTS, as they weren't released here - Highbrow was one I really wanted too)
Autobot Alliance Legend Tuner Skids, Duststorm.
Reveal the Shield Mindset, Fallback, Special Ops Jazz, Turbo Tracks.
Marvel Transformers Ironman/Car (black), Spiderman/Car, Ghost Rider/bike, Spiderman/helicopter. (wave 6, which wasn't released here)

JP Galaxy Force Starscream (voyager/mega sized) - one of the loose ends of Galaxy Force/Cybertron was this smaller version of Starscream that Hasbro only released in "Thrust" colours. I ended up getting the Korean version though.

JP Beast Wars II God Neptune (Halfshell, Coelagon, Scylla, Sea Phantom, Terramander) - the mid-90s redeco of the Seacons, minus one figure. It was also the final BWII figures I wanted to collect.

Reveal the Shield 2-pack Rodimus & Cyclonus w/ Nightstick. (with comic book)
Power Core Combiners Undertow w/ Waterlog, Heavy Tread w/ Groundspike, Salvage w/ Bombburst.
BotCon 1994 Gen2 Breakdown - the grail of my collection, kinda... it was at the top of my want list for over 10 years. It was the biggest loose end of my BotCon exclusives collection, as I have all the regular exclusives now. Thanks to TinyJazz for finding it for me.
Generations Scourge, Wheeljack, Thundercracker, Sergeant Kup, Warpath (I had to import them because I wasn't expecting them here... but four months later, they did appear here).

Dark of the Moon Robt Fighters Ironhide (donated by ToysRUs, with product booklet, sticker and special box)

Star Wars Crossovers Thire/Rebel Cruiser (found here before the rest of the world)
Power Core Combiners Grimstone w/ Dinobots, Steamhammer w/ Constructicons. (the last PCC 5-packs released in Australia, and were found cheap at Woolies)

JP Gen1 Buster & Hydra (only missing two guns that are the same colour as the US versions, so easily replaceable - these redecos were only of interest after I watched the JP Masterforce cartoon a couple months earlier)
JP Superlink Cosmo Shadowhawk, Forest Chromehorn (completed the set of those redeco basics, which were usually hard to find for under $100 - but these auctions sold for about $20 each).
JP EZ Skids & Mudflap (icecream truck colours) - these were an impulsive buy, as I wasn't too aware of them, but found them one day on ebay, and they were cheap enough to buy (I wanted them as Hasbro didn't release them in that colour).
United Ehobby 3-packs Kup, Rodimus, Scrapheap, Galvatron, Scourge, Cyclonus (at this time I was kinda losing a bit of interest in TFs, as there hadn't been much being release that excited me, and the third movie was just around the corner meant little else being released - I remember not really wanting to buy these two sets, as it just felt like I was only buying redecos... and that was just making the hobby, boring).
JP United 2-pack Rumble & Frenzy (as it looked more likely that these would not be released by Hasbro before the Movie, I resorted to importing them... and they were expensive for two tiny toys)
Kabaya Models Wave 3 (God Ginrai, God Bomber, Starscream), Wave 4 (Gaia Cross - six figures).

-Thur 26/5 (yes, more in one day than the first four months of this year)
SpeedStars StealthForce basic Leadfoot, RPMs MiniVehicle Sideswipe Vs Wreckloose (at LAX airport - a real surprising early purchase)
Dark of the Moon Dlx Ratchet, Skids, Bumblebee, Starscream, Crankcase, Roadbuster
DotM Voy Optimus
DotM Legion Topspin, Barricade, Bumblebee, Cranckase, Sideswipe, Skids
DotM Cmdr Ironhide, Optimus, Megatron, Sentinel Prime
Human Alliance basic Icepick, Thunderhead, Sandstorm, Backfire
Human Alliance Deluxe Bumblebee w/ Sam
DotM Dlx Barricade, Jolt, Sideswipe, Mudflap, Nitro Bumblebee
DotM Voy Ironhide, Megatron
DotM Lead Bumblebee, Sentinel
Human Alliance Dlx Skids W/ Elita-1 & Epps
Actionset Starscream, Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus
Activator Bumblebee, Optimus, Starscream
Gobot Bumblebee, Sideswipe
Revving Robots Bumblebee, Optimus
RoboFighter Bumblebee, Optimus, Starscream
Bashbots Bumblebee Vs Megatron, Optimus Vs Starscream
DotM Energon Shock Sword
DotM TRU exclusive Scanning Ironhide, Sideswipe
SpeedStars SF Dlx Big Hoss, Starscream
SpeedStars SF bikes Highwire, Knock Out
SpeedStars Lights&Sounds Giant Bumblebee
SpeedStars MV Optimus Vs Desert Long Haul

-Sun 29/5
RPM RemoteControl Barricade.
TF2 Roleplay Optimus sword
DotM Dlx Topspin, Voy Shockwave, Voy Skyhammer, Cmdr Blackout w/ Scorp, Cmdr Powerglide.
Walmart excl 3-pack Bbee, Soundwave, Rodimus
(10-3,167) (photo below has an RPMs 2-pack, which was a double-up that I wasn't sure I had, so bought just in case)

-Mon 30/5
DotM Leg Bolt Bbee,
Walmart Excl Commettor & Op, Kmart Excl "Human Alliance" Bumblebee & Backfire
SpeedStars MV Bluestreak, Lockdown, Stunticon Barricade, Revealer Bumblebee
TF2 Activator Starscream (this was an unexpected find, as it was a loose end from the second movie line)
SpeedStars Lights&Sounds Skids (another surprising find, and another loose end)
SpeedStars MV Nightwatch Bbee Vs Patrol Barricade, Sideswipe Vs Wreckloose (found so many older figures, especially ones not release in Australia, at US Kmart stores - the sort of figures that would be difficult to find on ebay, and would be really expensive if I did)
DotM Legion Ratchet, Mudflap

-Wed 1/6
BC Motormaster, Deadend, Wildrider, Dragstrip, Breakdown, Fisitron
-Thur 2/6
BC Toxitron, Sideswipe, Galvatron, Thundercracker, Autotrooper, Autotrooper, Autotrooper
Power Core Combiners Overrun w/ Stunticons (the final PCC set)
DotM Dlx Laserbeak, Dlx Thundercracker, Leg Crowbar, Leg Leadfoot
HAbasic Tailpipe, Whirl

-Fri 3/6
JP Gen1 Blacker, Braver, Laster (finally own these moulds, after looking for the European versions for a number of years now, which I still want)
JP DotM Voy Op w/ Trailer & silver weapon, Dlx Air raid, (plus 3x gold weapons)
Human Alliance dlx Roadbuster (not released here, so glad to find it)
JP THS Galaxy Convoy (I was never planning to buy this, but since I have THS Convoy, it was an impulsive buy to complete the pair)
JP Anim Dlx Megatron (not anything special about this one - I just wanted to have the main cast in JP Animated toys, and this was the last one to acquire)
RM Black G1 Convoy (the last black RobotMasters figure I needed, so a nice loose end to find this year)
JP EZ gold Bbee (something I was vaguely aware of from the second movie, but never could find it on ebay whenever I looked for it)
4x United Targetmasters (very expensive impulsive purchase)
SpeedStars MV Cyberhunt Optimus (this was the only one I found at the convention, and I wasn't sure which ones I was still missing, so bought this one just in case... and it actually paid off)
Kre-O Matrix deco Optimus Kreon (I thought this was going to be a rarity that was a bonus of being at BotCon to get it in person for free... but then it ended up being released quite a fair bit over the next 6 months)

-Sat 4/6
JP Gen1 Shuffler (this was the last of the six JP Headmasters, a very rare and expensive tiny toy that is never on ebay - so a big thanks to Demonac for finding it for me at BotCon)
JP BWR Silverbolt (one of the few JP Beast Machines toys that were coloured more accurately to the cartoon, and very hard to find... leaving only two left for me to collect)
JP BWNeo Elephorapha/Torca (the final JP Beast Era toy I was after, and is never on ebay - thanks again to Demonac for finding it)
(Bumblebee Cinemask - not counted as a toy)

-Sun 5/6
Walmart Excl Dlx Optimus

June (after BotCon)
JP Animated Actvators Skywarp, Ramjet, Soundblaster (more non-Hasbro redecos, so had to buy them)
Marvel Transformers Ironman2 Ironman/car, Ironman/hummer (two of the four of wave 6a, that weren't released here)
JP Animated Activator transparent Optimus (came with a comic book)
JP Animated Elite Guard Optimus (another JP exclusive redeco)

Speedstars minichangers 2-packs x5
Speedstars Elect Bumblebee
SWTF Keeli/AT-TE, Droid Commander/ATT
DotM Leader Ironhide

Reveal the Shield Deepdive
TF2 Activators Ironhide, Rally Rumble Bbee, Rally Rumble Optimus (the last of the TF2 Activators)
TF2 Gravitybots Barricade (the last TF2 gravitybot, which was a nice loose end to tie up)
SWTF Clone pilot/V-wing (one of the many not released here, so was good to find)
Speedstars StealthForce Deluxe Inferno (another not released here - almost bought it at BotCon, but it was missing its missiles)
TF2007 Robot Heroes Cliffjumper & Battle Damaged Optimus (this was the last Hasbro 2007 item on my want-list)
RPMs Nightwatch Bumblebee Vs Patrol Barricade (slowly completing the RPM/SS vehicles, which is difficult as most were not released here)
RPMs Toyfair 2010 Optimus Prime (one of two versions of this Optimus - the other was acquired in Sept)

DotM RPMs (Transcan Bumblebee, Transcan Mirage, Transcan Crumplezone, Night Attack Optimus Prime, Night Attack Crumplezone, Night Attack Bumblebee, Beast Machines Optimus Prime, Beast Machines Bumblebee, Stealth Force Optimus Prime, Stealth Force Bumblebee, Stealth Force Topspin)
JP Jetwing Optimus (released in Australia)
Autobot Ark w/ Roller
(cinemask Optimus)
Rally deco Bumblebee
Rally deco Sideswipe

SpeedStars Jetfire & Megatron
DotM Gobot Optimus
Collector Club Ramjet, Cheetor
RPMs MV 2-pack 05 of 06: Jetfire (grey) vs Megatron (black/grey)
Marvel Transformers Ironman/flying wing (redeco - glow in dark), War Machine/jet (major redeco from the 2-pack combiner), Ironman/Jet (minor redeco from wave 1) 
Speed Stars Cyberhunt Starscream (was only released in the UK as a special promo figure)
DotM Target Excl Ratchet, Starscream
DotM Target Excl Leadfoot & Ironhide, Bumblebee & Megatron
Star Wars Transformers Clone Commander Wolffe/Republic Gunship

Rescue Bots Electronic Heatwave w/ Cody Burns, Chase w/ Jack Tracker.
Rescue Bots Bumblebee Rescue Garage w/ Bumblebee & Axel Frazier.
Rescue Bots Walker Cleveland, Sawyer Storm, Chief Charlie Burns, Cody Burns, Jack Tracker, Axel Frazier.

MTF War Machine/car (black redeco - glow in dark)

DotM Human Alliance Kmart Excl Sideswipe & Icepick
Speedstars Basic Topspin, Barricade, Bumblebee
TFs Playdoh Autobot Workshop (this was an interesting, creative item)
Star Wars Transformers class1 ObiWan, Anakin, Grevious
United Darkside Optimus & Megatron
Hasbro Masterpiece Rodimus, Star Wars Transformers Quad-changer
(the next lot were all from BBTS, which cost me half as much as the items released here - most purchases this year were imported, due to it being cheaper now, even with shipping)
Dinobot Minicons Dualor, Catilla, Rav, Triceradon
Robo Power Activators Megatron, Autobot Topspin, Recon Bumblebee.
KRE-O Ratchet, Starscream, Sentinel Prime, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Basic Optimus Prime, Basic Bumblebee, Mirage, Jazz, Sideswipe, Bumblebee.
Human Alliance Basic Dragstrip, Half Track
Robo Fighters Megatron, Roadbuster
JP DotM DD-06 Vortex, DD-10 Skywarp

RPMs Optimus Vs Desert Long Haul
DotM Target Bumblebee, Auto Jazz, Arcee, Space Case (these were hard to find cheap-ish... and it wasn't until December until they were released here, which was almost 6 months, so it was assumed they weren't being released here at all)
JP RM-22 Lio Convoy (the final RobotMasters toy, completing my collection of regular and black editions)
JP Beast Wars Returns Megahead Megatron, Savage Noble (the final 2 BWR figures I was missing that are cartoon coloured - another sub-line in the collection completed this year)
Club Sideburn
RPMs MV Toyfair 2010 Optimus (the second version of this vehicle)
DotM Ultimate Optimus
TRU Excl Rage over Cybertron (Cyb Optimus, Cyb Bbee, Cyb Meg)
Star Wars Transformers Clone Trooper/AT-TE
25th Unicron w/ Kranix (imported from US Amazon website, one of the rare occasions they would ship internationally toys)
DotM TRU Exclusive Scan Series Bumblebee, Ratchet
(another lot from BBTS below)
Rescue Bots Optimus, Bumblebee, Heatwave, Chase
Rescue Bots Optimus Fire Base
Minicons (4) (Drivetrain (White Car), Pan Handler (Construction Vehicle), Swashplate (Helicopter), Break Neck (Red SUV))
DotM Voy Fireburst Optimus, Del Cyberfire Bumblebee, Cmdr Battle Steel Optimus, Legion Bbee
SDCC Prime Prime, SDCC TFs Nerf

Marvel Transformers Wolverine (brown) - the last Marvel TFs toy I was missing, as most weren't released here, making this another series "completed" this year.
DotM TRU Excl Cybertronian 4-pack (Action set Bbee, Ironhide, Barricade, Crankcase)
DotM Voy Sentinel Prime
US Excl Backstop (redeco - not released here)
The Ravage Infiltration (Ravage Vs Autobot Flak, Rollbar, Figurines) (Sept 2010 UK only)

DotM TRU Excl Streetside Bot Brawl (Optimus, Shockwave, Bbee)
DotM Cmdr Hatchet
RPMs MV 2-pack 07 of 08: Ironhide (NEST redeco) vs. Starscream
Disney Label Mickey (grey), Donald (grey), Buzz (grey) (I never wanted these, but they were cheap from HLJ)
Device Label Grimlock Mouse, Dinosaurer Mouse (same with these two)
EZ Collection Vol 4 (Anim white Prowl, Elite Guard Optimus, gold optimus, black bbee, Movie Scorp, Brawl, Bonecrusher)
DotM Legion Flak, Roadbuster
JP Clear Leader TF2 Optimus
JP Animated black Optimus
JP Animated black Rodimus

DotM Optimus Cyberblaster
Sth American Gen1 Brawn (brown)
DotM Kmart Excl Ultimate 5-pack (Optimus, Powerglide, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Crankcase)
TF2 Battlecharger Hyperspeed sideswipe (this was one loose end that was never on ebay, or any online store, but managed to find it at BBTS, along with the following items)
Reissue Seacons (Snaptrap, Skalor, Tentakil, Nautilator, Overbite, Seawing) - very similar to the original version, so wasn't wanting this, but BBTS had it heavily discounted, so figured, whatever.
DotM Legion Starscream, DotM Human Alliance Leadfoot w/ Steeljaw
JP DotM Bumblebee dual model kit
JP Tomica Diecast Optimus
EZ Chronicle series 1 (Bbee, Jazz, Trailbreaker, Megatron, Thundercracker, TF2 Megatron, TF2 Optimus - missing Optimus) - a bit disappointed by this set, as most were very similar to the US versions.
2nd (small) DotM playdoh set
TFPrime 2-pack (Optimus, Megatron, 3 humans)
TFPrime Bumblebee
Kabaya series 5 (Hotrod, Victoryleo, Inferno)
Reissue Predacons (Rampage, Razorclaw, Headstrong, Divebomb, Tantrum) - I didn't really want this, but saw it cheap somewhere and decided, what the heck.
DotM exclusives Lunarfire Optimus, Track Battle Roadbuster, Battle in the Moonlight 3-pack (Optimus, Ratchet, Cranckase)
DotM Human Alliance Crosshairs
Speed Stars 06 of 06: Enforcer Ironhide (red) vs Mixmaster (white) (surprisingly, this is a SS set, but the colour apps are of an RPMs standard, which had a lot more)

JP Tomica Diecast Bumblebee
DotM Cmdr Autobot Guzzle    
MP10 Convoy (found for $200, but is still over-priced)
DotM Human Alliance basic Reverb     
DotM Action set Ratchet 

EZ Chronicle series 1 Gen1 Optimus (missing from last month's BBTS order, which they sent out on its own later)
Alternity Dai Atlas/Atras  
Human Alliance Soundwave w/ Laserbeak & Mr Gould     
JP DotM Optimus dual model kit

TFPrime Voy Optimus
TFPrime Voy Bulkhead

DotM Action set Shockwave

TFPrime Arcee, Starscream, Cliffjumper 

Going through this list was actually quite fun... reflecting on all the toys I couldn't ramble on about anywhere else, without it intimidating other collectors, or bugging those who can't stand me. I can't wait to do this again in a years time.


  1. Wow, mate, wow! Like the very detailed overview.
    * Am a little surprised that you only now got Galaxy Force Starscream (that was released yonks ago), but then again, I only got my Armada Skywarp from Fungal about 1.5 years ago, so I'm not any better).

    * Really impressed that you got Shuffler. Where is the date stamp located? I saw about 2-3 of these guys in Japan but couldn't figure out authenticity due to the date stamp not being in the usual location as with the other HMs. If you're selling, you have a ready buyer! =)

    * I'm still holding back on Kre-Os, wonder what your thoughts are on those.

  2. Thanks HD. :)

    GF Starscream - it was always on my want-list, but never a high priority... and the JP version was rare & expensive. I just eventually caved this year and convinced myself to get the Korean version.

    Shuffler - the date stamp is located in the under-side hollow, near the front legs. I was sure to check it before handing over the $500. (yikes!!!)

    Kre-O - I'm not a fan of "Lego style" pre-existing franchises, as it distorts the appearances of those recognisable concepts... usually more expensive than screen-accurate versions, so to me it's like, what's the point of spending more for something that is less accurate. Construction toys are good and all, but have enough of their own unique themes to not need to resort to pre-existing franchises to mutate or distort.
    I posted up my thoughts in the toy review here -
    Considering that fans have created convertible Lego Transformers, I was a bit disappointed that Hasbro didn't produce any that could do some converting, even if it were only partial like Gen1 Omega Supreme. They had enough hinges to utilise, but totally ignored that ability.