Sunday, 15 January 2012

More January stuff

So last night I decided to go online and check on a shipment of toys by its tracking number, expecting it to still be somewhere in transit... and was really surprised that it had arrived at the post office that day and was ready for pickup.
It was like Christmas - I was all excited about the next morning... setting the alarm early, having trouble going to sleep, and when the morning did arrive, I was off to the post office before it was even open.
Waiting for me was a big box, filled with Transformers I managed to buy from the Hasbro online store, and have shipped to me via a shipping agent.
The order included several NYCC exclusives and Rescue Bots toys that aren't easy to find online, or are very expensive on ebay (which is stupid charging about double retail, because they are still available at the Hasbro online store for retail).
Top has the NYCC Cuponk game (aim pingpong balls at cups that have electronics to light up when you make the shot, based on various tricks), & NYCC Bumblebee deco Nerf gun (which pairs up with the SDCC Optimus Nerf gun I already have).
Below that is the NYCC Prime 2-pack of Bumblebee, Arcee & humans Jack & Raf, plus the orange redeco of the TF3 Voyager Ironhide (which isn't here yet).
And at the front is the Rescue Bots Walker Cleveland (2nd version), Boulder (now just missing Blades of the robots), & Cody (2nd Version of the individual release, but 4th version so far of Cody).  

That brings the current total in the collection to 3,486.
I've already updated the Prime and Rescue Bots page of the Collection here.
Specifically, the Rescue Bots shelf...
...and the Prime shelf.

Reviews tomorrow.

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