Monday, 2 January 2012

Hot soup in a can

A couple years back I remember seeing a hot-coffee in a can at the supermarket (the can has two chambers - one with the pre-prepared coffee, the other with a chemical mixture). The idea is that when you activate the chemical mixture (by pressing the base of the can, which breaks open a pouch filled with one chemical, into the other chemical), it generates heat, that warms up the contents of the other chamber.
I always wanted to try it, but never got around to it - and didn't want to spend the $3-5 on a small "cup" of coffee.
I haven't seen it for a while, but then the day before Christmas I found at a Target store the same thing, but with varieties of Soup in them this time.

As you can see, it is a can of about standard soft-drink can of about 375mls, but the soup chamber only contains 210ml.
I chose the Tomato flavour because it's one of my favourite soups... and I can't actually remember what the other flavours were.

To activate the thermal chemical reaction, as mentioned above, you turn the can upside-down and press hard onto the base.

After about 30 seconds of shaking the can to keep the chemicals mixing and reacting, the can is turned back upright and left to sit for a couple minutes... occasionally shaking to keep the soup mixed and more evenly heated.
The Can actually gets hot enough to cause pain if you tried to hold any metal parts.
After a couple minutes, and cool enough to open, I removed the plastic top and opened the can... pouring the entire contents into a cup.

The 210mls isn't much.  And the colour of the soup is very orange for Tomato soup. It looks more like pumpkin soup, probably re-coloured by the preservatives and colourings.
It did kinda taste like Tomato soup, but not a good quality Tomato soup flavour.
Not worth buying, outside of a one-off novelty factor.

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