Monday, 30 January 2012

Opening a sealed, carded BotCon 94 Breakdown

This will have a few dedicated, sealed collectors screaming out in horror.  I was looking through my files, and found these photos I took of my BotCon 94 Breakdown toy (limited to about 200-300 figures) a couple years ago, which was a major loose end for me. It took me about 15 years to get it since its release, and the last 10 years I've been desperately looking for one (it had to be the BotCon version - some don't have the BotCon sticker on the back of the card).  In the end, I found a sealed one for about $400... but since my display of BotCon toys are all out of their packaging, this one had to be "released from it's prison".

So here it is as I got it.
And the back, to show it is the BotCon version.
The cutting is about to begin...
And he's out... freeeeee!!!
All the bits...
Put together...
And in robot mode...
Each of the three Gen2 Breakdown toys in Robot mode, with the Gen1 Breakdown on the left.
And in alt mode... where possible.


  1. So if the other Stunticons are not available, how did they get that picture of Menosaur on the front? Could only be some sort of Voodoo!! love those G2 colours.

  2. Prototypes of the toys were produced, and packaging was prepared from photos of those Prototypes. They even produced several copies of the packaging of the carded figures, before they were cancelled. So for a brief time, a Gen2 Menasor and Defensor, existed somewhere at Hasbro. (I don't think anyone has ever acquired all five of each set since that time, out of packaging, to form the combined mode)

    1. Ah, but there is one example I know of, Ras on TFW. You can see his pictures here:

      He is the only collector I have ever seen of to complete both G2 Menasor and Defensor.