Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Spicy Burger Twisties and Vanilla Mars sampling

Continuing on with the Food theme of the last couple days, I found some new items at Seven-Eleven last night (I had the munchies).

Hot on the heels of the Cheesburger Twisties, we now have a Spicy Burger flavour.

Again, with the word "Burger" in the flavour title, it grabbed my attention. But when I tried them, I was wondering why this has the word in the title... it was a nice mild spicy flavour (which is mild enough to enjoy a pack or two), but couldn't taste anything "burger" about it.
So I decided to look at the ingredients, for anything there, but only saw a lot of spices listed, and down at the end was a Tomato flavouring.  So maybe it's the Tomato that warranted the "burger" title... for marketing purposes of course. Otherwise, the most accurate flavour title would be something like "spicy tomato", which would still sound interesting, but perhaps not "interesting" enough for the execs to approve.
Worth a shot, but not likely to be a regular flavour (which I like seeing from Twisties - trialling all these new flavours in the last year, to perhaps see if any are popular enough to add to their regular range). 3.5/5

The other item I found last night was Vanilla Mars.
Nothing fancy, but suggests that Mars could well be able to offer a range of flavoured Mars, to consolidate the brand as being more than a "one hit wonder" of the regular (caramel) version.
They recently had a chocolate version, and a non-fudge version... and this one also similarly maintains a standard "Mars" taste and texture. It's nice, but the strong tasting caramel and chocolate coating pretty much conceals any Vanilla flavour... so ends up tasting like a less-bitey regular Mars. 3/5
One thing I'd like to see is a multi-pack of these mid-size or bite-size bars with different flavoured fudges in them - chocolate, caramel (the regular one), vanilla (this one), strawberry, cherry, coconut, mint... etc.
It could be done like a chocolate box tray or like a pack of Timtams... with or without an indication of what flavour each one was - like a sampling surprise concept.
Damn... now I feel like Timtams... :p

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