Monday, 2 January 2012

Human Alliance Soundwave

Number 11 I think, in the Human Alliance Size Class... Soundwave was one I was looking forward to more than previous ones, because it was the first release of a DotM Soundwave toy, and it came with a proper, screen-accurate Laserbeak.  The Deluxe sized Laserbeak was just the worst, stupidest toy in the TF3 movie-line.

Unfortunately, this hasn't quite lived up to all the hype, or its pics.
Removing it from the packaging, the car mode and accessories (Laserbeak & Mr Gould) are both nicely done, and well detailed.
The underside was an ominous warning, with everything so tightly packed into the car shell... there was almost no gaps between the bits and pieces.
So starting the transformation process, I realised that this was a classic Movie toy - over-complicated to the point of being frustrating, trying to make the bits move without getting in the way of other bits.

With such limited gaps and clearance, this was really annoying. Especially the arms.

My first attempt got the legs, lower arms and abdomen done, but the upper arms didn't look right. They were not moving at the shoulders at all.  The feet and hands seemed bizarre, with "sticks" sticking out at odd angles.
This is what I was left with before I checked over the packaging pics and the instructions for some advice on the upper arms.

I was able to notice that the shoulders weren't folded forward, which was preventing the whole joint from having any mobility/articulation.  Fixing that was a struggle, as the arms had to fold back around past the main abdomen... and there was very little clearance.
Finishing that, and re-adjusting panels on the arms to match the product images, I ended up getting it to look right.
(official product images)

The transformation of Laserbeak was simple, and probably unnecessary (like the Frenzy figure that came with HA Barricade)... and it really looks wrong with Mr Gould riding it like a flying gun. It is much more suited as a missile launcher on Soundwave's shoulder like in the photo above, as it is similar to the original Gen1 Soundwave having a shoulder cannon.

The robot mode of Soundwave is very badly proportioned. It is sooo top-heavy, that each arms are the size of both legs and waist put together.
Add to that a big chest section on top of the tiny legs, and it is very much like the recent TFPrime Bumblebee toy - way too top-heavy.
Articulation is fairly decent, but still stunted in the arms by the kibble getting in the way in areas.

The light blue circle paint details are an ugly detail, and should have been darker, as they were in the movie.
The rest of the colouring is nice though, and very ominous.
The number-plate "superior" is a nod to the Original 1986 Transformers Movie... so a nice touch, but kinda spoils the look of the robot mode, as it stands out too much on the knees.

The photo below shows off the tiny legs, and Laserbeak's alt-mode (a flying Missile-launcher I guess) with Mr Gould riding (the feet plug into posts on Laserbeak, and the hands are meant to grab onto posts as well.

Get this for the Laserbeak and maybe the car mode... so only buy this if cheap.  If you want a good Soundwave robot mode or a more easily convertible Soundwave, try the Deluxe or Legion versions. I haven't got either yet to know what they are like, but can't be any more annoying than this one. 3/5

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