Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Milo breakfast cereal

Found this new variety of Milo breakfast cereal the other day at Woolies.
I love the original Milo cereal, and even the Duo variation that came out a couple years later.
This third version has the cereal bits done in a similar shape to the Mini-Wheats or the new Sultana Bran Buds... but are instead, hollow (would have been great if they had some sort of filling like those other cereals noted above). The sample image on the packaging had me thinking that they were tubes, but it was just two of the "bites" cut open.
Note that it is a small trial pack, which Woolies often gets in when a new cereal is released... I didn't want to risk spending $6-7 on a full size pack in case I didn't like it.
And it was lucky too, as these weren't anywhere near as good as the previous types of Milo cereal.  These weren't as tasty, and didn't absorb the milk enough, so stayed too crunchy. (if you're cereal stays as crunchy as when they are without milk, then they should be packaged as a snack pack like crackers, not as a breakfast cereal)
Not recommended.
Stick with the regular Milo Cereal, or the Milo Duo Cereal, as they are a nicer flavour, soggy up just enough in the milk, and leaves you with a delicious milo milk "drink" in the breakfast bowl at the end.

Now if they filled the hollow buds/bites with a creamy or even light fruity centre like Sultana Bran or Mini-Wheats have, then it'd be worth eating.

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