Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cheeseburger Twisties - get em while you can

Naturally, anything with the word "Cheeseburger" in it, gets my attention... so when these came out at the start of last year, I was all over them. And since they were noted as being "limited edition" I ate as many as I could while they lasted.  And they quickly disappeared from the Coles Express stores (which was the only place I could find them). Then middle of last year, they started appearing at Woolies... and the gorging began again.
Okay, I didn't get stuck into them as much as before, because by then, I had pretty much desensitised myself from the flavour.

And that flavour - well, it comes down to what sort of pickle person you are... do you pick off the pickles, or like them. Because that's the dominant flavour of these Twisties.
You see, in America, they seem to have a thing about pickles... to the point of serving a whole pickle on the side like Fries, at diners and restaurants that serve burgers.  It's the weirdest thing for a non-American to have sitting on the plate, next to the burger and fries... but I guess it's an acquired  taste that we just haven't quite acquired here in Australia.
As such, this "pickle" flavoured Twisties would be more enjoyed by Americans... who already have corn chips and Pringles of that (pickle) flavour - because the demand is there for it. Here though, it seems that Smiths Snackfoods (an American company) have used that same basic flavour from their American products, but renamed it to something more appealing to the Australian market.  After all, who here would buy "Pickle flavoured" chips or snackfood here? It just isn't a "traditional" flavour here.

For me though, I love the pickles on burgers, as it gives the added flavour perspective or dimension to each bite. Sure, the ketchup is supposed to give you that bitey tanginess in the cheeseburger, but the extra "layer" of flavour, and its own unique texture create a much more enjoyable eating experience than one without it.

I noticed at Woolies the other day that their Cheeseburger Twisties were on clearance... which is the term used for items that aren't being restocked.  So the "limited" 12+ month release of this flavour is finally about to come to an end.
So, if you like this flavour, or haven't yet tried it... get to a Woolies fast, in case these really are never coming back here.
It's not a "stand-out" or "wow" flavour, so I'd be surprised if we ever see it again here. And I doubt we'd see the equivalent Doritos or Pringles version of this flavour here either.

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  1. They are back in Woolies!!! I just purchased some today and my tastebuds are tingling!!