Friday, 30 December 2011

Another squashed box from Taiwan

Remember this box I got a few days ago? Well, the other package arrived yesterday, with the remaining TFPrime toys I ordered from him... and again, he didn't use any padding or filling of the empty space in the box. So once again, the box collapsed in on itself, as two of the sides were left structurally vulnerable from the void behind it. And once any side collapses, the entire integrity of the object is compromised, leaving the contents unprotected from being crushed.  Really, would a couple sheets of unwanted newspaper or junkmail scrunched up be that big a deal?? Was this seller that cheap that he couldn't even afford a few sheets of scrap (clean) paper?

1 comment:

  1. damn, that box doesn't look good. I'd be in all kinds of anguish if I received a box in that condition. However, a few pieces of spare paper or padding might not have saved it from its fate because it appears like something really heavy must have been placed on top of it to cause that kind of crush?