Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hungry Jacks new Premium Choices Range

These were released in the last week, and as a fan of BK/HJ, I had to try them out.
They are called the Premium Choices Range, and has 4 burgers - BBQ Bacon Angus, Swiss Mushroom Angus, Cheddar Swiss Tendercrisp Chicken, Swiss & Avocado Tendercrisp Chicken.

Each one is about $7, and when part of a large meal of fries and drink, bumps it up to just over $10.

Ordering one large meal of each from the Sunnybank store yesterday, with Onion Rings instead of fries (because I looove Onion Rings), and Coke Zero (to watch the calorie count... just kidding - I just don't like the taste and stickiness of sugar softdrinks).

When I got home, I took a photo of the four burgers, as they look in real life and not the fake menu-board versions.

They were packaged in cardboard cases, rather than being wrapped in paper wrappers like regular burgers... to make these fancier and more expensive burgers be more presentable when they are being eaten (especially if they travel, by not being eaten in the restaurant).
Note the "satisfaction guarantee" on the beef burgers.  An interesting concept, but that should be standard policy if there is something significantly wrong with the "junk" food. (that reminds me of a funny story - one day at a KFC, someone had ordered a limited edition fancy burger and a box of chicken, but since they had to wait for the chicken and the burger was sitting on the warmer for like 2 minutes, the (obese) customer demanded "a fresh one" as if they were eating out at a real (fancy) restaurant and were expecting quality from this junkfood, fried-chicken outlet. Everyone was just laughing at the loud fuss this huge lady was making about the "standard" she was expecting from her fried food.)

Anyway, the four burgers were then cut open to show what they look like on the inside.

Now for the taste test...
BBQ Bacon Angus - This one is the best of the four.  The sauce is really nice, and the meat patty is HUGE. Much bigger than the normal beef or Angus patties. Between the meat, sauce and onions, I didn't even notice the bacon.  It blends all together nicely... and has you wanting more when you're finished.  (I just can't get over how big and thick the Angus patty is) 5/5
Swiss Mushroom Angus - Ordinarily I don't like eating Mushrooms if I can help it, but since I "had" to this time, I just chomped right into this one. Not sure why, but Swiss cheese seems to pair up well with Mushrooms, as they are both strong flavoured. As such, this one is a one-off burger, that would put you being able to stomach a second. It has the same huge Angus patty as the other one, which gives you a burger to finally get your teeth into and really chew for a change. 3/5

Cheddar Swiss Tendercrisp Chicken - Now for the "healthier" ones... :p This one has two cheeses, and not really anything special to make this one necessary. As such, I rate this one the least, for being a half-assed attempt at padding out the new menu. It tastes nice, but not worth spending $7 on, when there are three other "decent" attempts by HJs to create "premium" burgers. 2/5
Swiss & Avocado Tendercrisp Chicken - This one was the surprise of the set.  I hate Avocado, so wasn't expecting to like this one... but instead, the inclusion of the tangy tomato relish and strong swiss cheese meant that I didn't even taste or notice the avocado.  If it hadn't been in the name, I wouldn't have even known it was in there. This one was really nice. And as one who isn't a fan of chicken burgers (I'm too "traditionalist" when it comes to burgers), this one was worth buying. 4/5

Of the four, the BBQ Bacon burger would be the only one I would buy again, as it was the most satisfying, especially for that price-tag. And is the one I'd recommend others should try, while these Premium burgers are available.

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  1. Not knowing anything about the Premium range, this page is what I found when searching for information after turning up a 50% a premium range item in the Shake and Win promotion. Thanks for detailing the options.