Thursday, 8 December 2011

Birthday thankyous

Now that the last of my own Birthday presents has finally arrived, I wanted to recap and thank those who sent me presents or messages on my birthday about a week ago.
This was the first birthday since my Grandmother Jocelyn died, which made it feel a bit more empty than usual.  She would always get the date wrong, and send me a birthday card a month early, but would always remember. I always felt bad for telling her that she got it wrong, because you're supposed to be thanking someone for caring enough to send something, but every year it would be slightly spoilt by having to point out that I hadn't had my birthday yet.  But I'd gladly have that back, if it meant having her around for a few more birthdays.  She died well before her time, and was a great loss to everyone around her.

Back to the birthday stuff... sooo, I'd like to thank myself for all the toys I got for my birthday... oh wait, that's just wrong... :p

Okay, aside from the toys (most were in that November photo I posted up the other day), I got 3 DVDs from my friend Julian (who had the cheek to remind me of my age :p ), an e-card from Pam, and TXT messages from my younger brother, sister and friend Jimmy.
Thanks guys. :D

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