Sunday, 18 December 2011

Model Kit Bumblebee completed & collection update

Stayed up last night to finish off the Bumblebee model kit... actually, as it progressively took shape as Movie Bumblebee, I was more interested in finishing it.
Most of the parts are grey or yellow, with some clear and black bits. After most of the grey bits were added, the figure looked like this:

About a couple hours later (while watching a couple movies), the figure was complete.

The set has two sets of hands (open and clenched) plus a gun, as 5 different "hand" options... I went with the gun and open left hand.
That's pretty much it for the optional parts on this figure. No wait... there was an alternate head option, but mine didn't appear to come with the regular head. The set was meant to have a normal head and the battle mask head, but mine appeared to be missing the regular head.  There was some Japanese writing next to that piece on the instructions, so I'll need to get it translated to see if it says that the set only comes with one or the other instead of both.
I would have preferred the non-battle mask head, as it has a lot more screen time than the battle mask.  I could probably alter the battle mask to make it a normal head, but it wouldn't be able to be a battle mask again.
I'll still need to get some glue to lock in some of the looser parts, as well as to fix one part I broke (one of the lower "wings" on the back) while trying to force it into where it was supposed to go. Until I get some glue to it, I won't be moving it or re-posing it.  I think I'll get the glue before the Optimus set arrives too, so I can secure the parts as I go along, instead of going back over it later like this one.
One set of parts I couldn't get to fit in were the last grey bits to go onto the forearms, as their pegs were rectangular in the wrong direction to the rectangular slots on the arms... which doesn't make sense, as this would have to be a problem with every set, and I haven't heard anything about this.  To make them fit, I'm gonna have to trim down the pegs and glue them into the slots. But since they aren't significant pieces, you don't even notice them missing in the photo above.
The detailing is great on the finished figure, but the chest looks wrong... Maybe it's because all the convertible toy Bumblebees have a more rectangular, squarish chest, and I'm just "brainwashed" into thinking that that is normal.
The tyres were one of the most frustrating parts, as they are made of actual rubber, which was very difficult to trim the excess completely, especially the inner parts of the feet tyres.

And... I got a few more pages completed on my collection today - 14 (the big one with all the TF3 movie toys), 18 & 19 (still need to re-sort the Star Wars toys), and 23 (updated the BotCon shelves to reflect obtaining my "grail" - 1994 Breakdown).
Only got 11, 12, 13, 22, 24 & 25 left. But I've also been moving around some figures, so need to retake some photos too.

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