Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Lucky I'm not a sealed collector

This arrived in the mail last week - a 2-pack TFPrime set, in a master carton that can carry two sets... but the person who sold it to me sent it from Taiwan with no padding like bubble-wrap or scrunched up paper.

It travelled around the world rattling around loose inside a box that was twice its size, so any weight against it during transit, easily collapsed the box in onto the 2-pack.  Fortunately the 2-pack was pretty sturdy with its construction, so only ended up being crushed on the back end (as seen above).
I'll have to see what the seller says about it... I don't think I've ever given negative feedback on ebay before.

(an added note - this was actually bought for someone else as a competition prize, so I was lucky that they weren't upset about the packaging not being mint... but I still feel bad that I wasn't able to provide something undamaged)

1 comment:

  1. I hate this lack of care from a seller. I would definitely not provide positive feedback for this.
    I'm sure a warning in your feedback comment would be appreciated by others.